Sunday, October 28, 2012

Painting Pumpkins

Looking Back:  Little buddy brought a pumpkin home from preschool the other day.  They had a Pumpkin Hunt...finding/choosing their very own pumpkin.  Coop was so excited.  From time to time, the kids get to hang out on the preschool property...running, jumping, exploring, searching, learning, playing.  In September, they all got to ride the tractor (well the trailer being pulled by the tractor) back to the property for a Teddy Bear Picnic.  So precious.

I suggested he paint his pumpkin, and he gladly agreed.  Love watching him with paint.  He's either highly interested or hardly amused.  This time he was highly interested.  He started with blue...and then green...then added a few others...then smeared them all together...and gave it a face...and amongst the many names he gave favorite was Rooster...for the red on the top of the stem.  

Then he crashed.  He wasn't feeling so well.  Coughing a bit here and there.

Before he fell asleep on the couch, it wasn't obvious that he was sick, so I thought some fresh air would do him well.  I offered to go outside with him.  For me, that was a huge offer.  He loves going outside to play.  Loves.  And I've been struggling with that lately.  The cold has come, my body is arthritic lately, and it's just more of a struggle to be outside than it was in the recent past.  I was sure he'd say yes, and shout for joy.  He didn't.  He said, "Oh Mommy, painting my pumpkin was such hard work.  I'm out of breath.  I just want to lay down."  Poor buddy, fell asleep within minutes...and has been a bit under the weather every since.

Not so much so that he is out of it completely.  Tonight we had some fun...silly, goofy time when Daddy got home, and we even threw in a couple dance moves with awesome music.  It was fun.  

Hope little buddy gets better this weekend.  We need to carve our Fred Meyer pumpkins.

Big hugs,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Memories

We all ventured to the pumpkin patch to celebrate Mama's birthday.  Twas a fun day.  Brian had to work, but Little Bud and I had fun exploring all that they had to offer with Gmama and Poppy.  When more family members showed up, we rocked that place, and then headed home from exhaustion.  We didn't even get pumpkins because there were so many other things going on.  

Cooper rode a pig in the animal barn.  Even though the pig wasn't real, the stench that filled the air certainly was...and we survived.  Oh for the love of barn stench.  

And here we are...Mom, Dad, Cooper, and I.  We all jumped on the car ride...after standing in line for quite some time.  It was a legit line.  Kind of Disneyland type line going on. a pumpkin patch.  Once we jumped on the ride, total kick in the pants.  You can't see the car, but it was awesome and old timey and just awesome...and it was being pulled along a track.  We had no control of the car.  It seemed very obvious.  But Coop seriously thought he was driving.  Seriousness and joy in his face.  Loved it.  We were laughing...more like snorting.  Just amazeballs.  

And here's my little pumpkin...surrounded by lots of pumpkins.  We should have grabbed some of those bad boys...the pumpkins that were all piled up in a big open area for people that didn't want to brave the hay ride and tromping through the pumpkin patch, but even that felt impossible.  Not to worry...Coop suggested Fred Meyer in the next couple days...and we got pumpkins there.  First time in a long time we've gotten pumpkins at the grocery store.  They look just like the pumpkins in this picture...and why wouldn't they?  We're excited to carve them.

Happy Birthday Mama!  Love you so much.  You are a rock for our family...part of the foundation from which we stand firmly in love.  Thank you for loving us with every bit of yourself.  Here's to another year of fun!

Love and hugs,

Friday, October 26, 2012

Snapshots from A Rainy Today

My favorite chai tea.  It makes a rainy day better.

So does cake.  Even if it comes from a box.  And Superman...meaning pajamas all day.  
It does a soul good.

And a little hope.  Sticking a few colorful paper leaves and a scripture into the packages we are sending
to our World Vision friends...Masefu, Yeferson, and Daniel.  It's about time we send them something.

Operation Get it In the Mail commences.  :)

Happy Friday!

My Little Buddy Started Preschool!!!

Hi everybody!!!  My little buddy is in preschool.  Crazy.  Seriously crazy.  How did that happen???  He sure loves it.  Truly loves it.  Every day I pick him up and ask how his morning was.  He always responds with, "Great.  It was super great Mom."  My heart literally flutters to know he is having so much fun while there.  He needed it.  I needed it.  It was time.  He is so curious, intelligent, kind, and ready.  I was hesitant for a while, but he was ready.  It has been a joy to experience this adventure as his Mom.  

Our morning routine (just for the sake of remembering and looking back) looks like this...

Wake Up:  I set my alarm and begin getting ready...he either comes to snuggle in my bed while I finish or sleeps until I wake him up.  Sometimes cartoons are involved.

Pit Stop:  Go potty, get dressed, brush teeth.  (Sometimes we make it downstairs in pjs and brush teeth after breakfast...just depends on the morning.  He always comes up with a plan that sounds reasonable to me.)

Breakfast:  Toast with peanut butter, cinnamon toast, cereal, muffins, waffles, yogurt, bananas, orange juice, milk...just some of our go tos.

Little Details...leader today?  Snacks to bring?  Show and tell?  Coat?  Boots kind of day?  Anything for the car ride to school?  Any bills to mail on our way?  I forgot Show and Tell one day (already...and it's only October...oy yoy yoy) heart melted...and I hustled so fast to bring him something...making it just in time.  So relieved.  He said, "Thanks Mom.  Just so you know for next time, Miss Susan said if we don't have something to show, we can always Tell the class about something.  That's what Show and Tell is Mom."  Oh goodness.  Precious.  He is wise beyond his years I tell ya.

Daily Picture Session

Okay, yes, we have a picture session each preschool morning.  Before we head to school, we literally take two minutes to do a little photo session outside our front door.  I did this on the first day of school, and then it just seemed natural to continue.  I think I'm going to make a photo book for him...adding to it each month...kind of a fun memory of the year.  I'd also like to add to it pictures that his teacher takes and posts for parents on Shutterfly.  I feel like this is my chance to have a do-over.  Yes, a do-over.

I always stunk at being consistent about photo sessions when he was a babe.  My plan was to do newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year old.  That did not happen, and for quite some time, I felt horrible about that.  Every other Mom seemed to pull themselves together for this, what was wrong with me?  I ended up improvising and doing most of those photo sessions at home without appropriate backdrops and props.  Totally fun, and it was good enough...and after feeling bad about that for long enough, I realized that there is nothing wrong with good enough.  At any rate, we are all about the random fun in every day, and these morning picture sessions were easy and a fun way to capture that fun without putting pressure on myself or setting myself up for failure.  

Literally, two minutes tops.  It's a part of our routine.  Easy cheesy.

And he.  Cracks.  Me.  Up.

Okay enough Mom, let's go.

I told him to grab a leaf, and he grabbed the lone green/brown one that was rotting and looking all dried up.  Not the pretty red ones, not the yellow and orange ones.  But this leaf.  Then he posed with it, and convinced me that it was the best leaf amongst them all.  It was precious.

On this day, we had Uganda (and our newest nephew) on our minds.
Optimus Prime also decided to join us for the ride to preschool.

Sometimes I get in the pictures too.  I'd like to exist in pictures someday in looking back.  I want to remember how much fun I had with my buddy.  I want to remember that I enjoyed being a Mom, that I truly loved it, and that it was the time of my life.

On our drive to school, we see turkeys, horses, cows, lamas, and lots of beautiful farmland.  The trees are gorgeous right now, and we've been hitting patches of construction...talking about what the different construction signs say and practicing patience as we wait for the red STOP sign that the folks are holding to turn to an orange SLOW sign.  In thinking about it, I was a bit worried to have a longer ride to school (20 minutes give or take), but it has turned into the joy of my morning, along with an awesome opportunity to listen to my Bible study materials through Audible as I make my way back home.

Alright, I think that's it.  Tootaloo for now.  I might post some more...I have a moment...and I miss it...and it's easy to email pictures into a draft post with my iPhone.  Yay for an iPhone...although I probably use it too much.  I now can take better pictures...because my husband got the newest version of the iPhone...and I got his old version...which was a newer version for me.  I feel lucky to have a phone at all I guess.  It's just neat.

And, you are probably thinking, "Who are you?" because you haven't seen me posting consistently for like, ever.  Sorry for that.  Let me introduce myself again.  Hiya.  I'm Holly.  I like to post about lots of reasons I shout and sing, "Hallelujah!"  Sometimes I am able to post a lot.  Sometimes I am not.  It happens.  Life is full.  Lots of ups and downs.  So thankful for every moment.  Hope you can find lots of reasons to be thankful too!  Thanks for sticking around.

And super big thanks to those of you that have checked in off and on and offered me encouragement during what seems to have been a bloggy break for me.  You are the sweetest of sweets.  Sometimes without you even knowing it, you offered a sweet little note of encouragement/kindness just when I needed it most.  You made my heart smile.  You were/are genuine and thoughtful.  I think you know who you are, and I just wanted to say thank you!

Cheers!  Blessings to you all!

Big hugs and love,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sudden downpour

Sometimes when the sun has left us, 
and the rain reappears out of nowhere,
all there is to do...really...
is put on your super hero goggles...

...and go peek outside.
No shame in running back in within seconds of course.

It's the little things in life.
Amongst the hardships and craziness of life
that we sometimes are forced to endure...
it's the simple joys that make life magical.

Saying Farewell to the Sun...

Summer memories with my buddy.
We were so thankful for all the sun we were able to enjoy.
It seemed to last forever this year.
What a treat.
Running.  Playing.  Bike riding.  Sidewalk Chalk.
Bubbles.  Walks to the park.  Superhero adventures.
Stopping at the park nearly every day after preschool.
Racing down the sidewalk as he waved goodbye
to family and friends that have come to visit.
Getting new floors downstairs.  Hallelujah.
Family vacations and get togethers.  Neighborhood potlucks.
It was a good one.

It seems like we've finally seen the end of it.
So thankful that I've had a little buddy to share it with this summer.

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