Saturday, November 10, 2012

Peek into the Week...and a Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

Hi everyone!  Happy Saturday to you!  Just thought it would be fun to share a quick peek into our week this morning.  Lots of laid back fun and a couple Thanksgiving/thankful related moments.  :)  

I thought I would start with our version of a plump and perky turkey...our spur of the moment craft that was too fun.  Have you ever read that book with your kiddos...The Plump and Perky Turkey?  It's pretty cute and a great lead in to crafting up some turkey fun.  Our plump and perky turkey was made from a toilet paper roll, as well as some other little details.  Piece of cake.  First, I rounded up some old scrapbook paper from my cardmaking days, traced a few leaf shapes, and had Coop help me cut them out.  I cut out the other paper details, and we glued on some eyeballs.  At first, I was bummed that I didn't have any googly eyes, but then we remembered that we had some edible eyeballs in our cupcake decorating stash.  Woo to the hoo!  We thought he turned out pretty cute, and might I say he even looks a little sassy sporting that leopard print tail feather.

Have you made any plump and perky turkeys lately?

Also, thanks to Jones Design Company, we started our thankful jar.  
Fun and beautiful way to count our blessings.

Made birthday dinner for the Hubbs.  With Coop and my arthritis, I don't cook like this very often anymore.  I tend to do fairly simple and veggie based dinners.  The Parmesan Chicken, Roasted Yams, and our version of the Canlis Salad were the bomb diggity.  We ended the night with homemade molten chocolate cake.  Boom.

And this is from Friday night.  It was awesome.  Coop has this big yellow truck we found at Goodwill  quite a while ago, and it has a great flatbed that works out nicely as a seat for him when he's up for a ride.  He was scooting around on it all over the downstairs while we began to tidy up after dinner.  All of a sudden, he put his bike helmet on like he meant business and turned our hallway into a racetrack.  The Hubbs and I each took stance at opposite ends of the hallway.  He would push Coop forward toward me with a good oooooomph, Coop would come flying at me with smiles and hysterical laughter, and then I would push Coop backwards toward him once again.  It was awesome...kind of like hallway pinball...a few crashes and all.  Giggles galore.  We couldn't have enjoyed ourselves more.  Great way to enjoy a Friday evening as a family.

Hoping you are all finding lots of reasons to be thankful!

Have a great weekend!
Big hugs,

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  1. It's the small things ... thanks for sharing!


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