Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Memories

We all ventured to the pumpkin patch to celebrate Mama's birthday.  Twas a fun day.  Brian had to work, but Little Bud and I had fun exploring all that they had to offer with Gmama and Poppy.  When more family members showed up, we rocked that place, and then headed home from exhaustion.  We didn't even get pumpkins because there were so many other things going on.  

Cooper rode a pig in the animal barn.  Even though the pig wasn't real, the stench that filled the air certainly was...and we survived.  Oh for the love of barn stench.  

And here we are...Mom, Dad, Cooper, and I.  We all jumped on the car ride...after standing in line for quite some time.  It was a legit line.  Kind of Disneyland type line going on. a pumpkin patch.  Once we jumped on the ride, total kick in the pants.  You can't see the car, but it was awesome and old timey and just awesome...and it was being pulled along a track.  We had no control of the car.  It seemed very obvious.  But Coop seriously thought he was driving.  Seriousness and joy in his face.  Loved it.  We were laughing...more like snorting.  Just amazeballs.  

And here's my little pumpkin...surrounded by lots of pumpkins.  We should have grabbed some of those bad boys...the pumpkins that were all piled up in a big open area for people that didn't want to brave the hay ride and tromping through the pumpkin patch, but even that felt impossible.  Not to worry...Coop suggested Fred Meyer in the next couple days...and we got pumpkins there.  First time in a long time we've gotten pumpkins at the grocery store.  They look just like the pumpkins in this picture...and why wouldn't they?  We're excited to carve them.

Happy Birthday Mama!  Love you so much.  You are a rock for our family...part of the foundation from which we stand firmly in love.  Thank you for loving us with every bit of yourself.  Here's to another year of fun!

Love and hugs,

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