Sunday, October 28, 2012

Painting Pumpkins

Looking Back:  Little buddy brought a pumpkin home from preschool the other day.  They had a Pumpkin Hunt...finding/choosing their very own pumpkin.  Coop was so excited.  From time to time, the kids get to hang out on the preschool property...running, jumping, exploring, searching, learning, playing.  In September, they all got to ride the tractor (well the trailer being pulled by the tractor) back to the property for a Teddy Bear Picnic.  So precious.

I suggested he paint his pumpkin, and he gladly agreed.  Love watching him with paint.  He's either highly interested or hardly amused.  This time he was highly interested.  He started with blue...and then green...then added a few others...then smeared them all together...and gave it a face...and amongst the many names he gave favorite was Rooster...for the red on the top of the stem.  

Then he crashed.  He wasn't feeling so well.  Coughing a bit here and there.

Before he fell asleep on the couch, it wasn't obvious that he was sick, so I thought some fresh air would do him well.  I offered to go outside with him.  For me, that was a huge offer.  He loves going outside to play.  Loves.  And I've been struggling with that lately.  The cold has come, my body is arthritic lately, and it's just more of a struggle to be outside than it was in the recent past.  I was sure he'd say yes, and shout for joy.  He didn't.  He said, "Oh Mommy, painting my pumpkin was such hard work.  I'm out of breath.  I just want to lay down."  Poor buddy, fell asleep within minutes...and has been a bit under the weather every since.

Not so much so that he is out of it completely.  Tonight we had some fun...silly, goofy time when Daddy got home, and we even threw in a couple dance moves with awesome music.  It was fun.  

Hope little buddy gets better this weekend.  We need to carve our Fred Meyer pumpkins.

Big hugs,

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