Thursday, December 29, 2011



Coop was so excited...came into our room, jumped up in thrilled that today was the day...but he waited at the top of the stairs like we asked so we could go downstairs with cameras first.

We got home late on Christmas Eve, and we all got a good sleep for Christmas.

We got to open the stocking from Nana and Papa...Coop had been eyeing that since our drive home the night before.

I bought my own stocking stuffers...I was bummed.

Instead of buying me stocking stuffers, Brian gave me the gift of amazingness by donating to Kisses from Katie's organization Amazima.  I got over it.

Coop would open a gift with excitement...and then ask to open more.  He was just so excited to see gifts.  That was fun to see.  I pray we help him stay grounded in the true meaning of Christmas...that we as parents and we as a family keep it all in perspective.

Cooper was excited most with the simple things we gifted him.  His imagination is awesome.  We built a huge train track with some new pieces and new trains.  He got what he wished for...Thomas, Diesel, and Mighty Mac (later getting Percy and Diesel 10 - the not nice Diesel).  The excitement was precious.

Easy breakfast of loaded scrambled eggs, toast, juice, and satsumas.

Packed up and headed out to Gmam and Poppy's to see my side of the family!

Oh blessed memories...thank you Lord.

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