Thursday, December 15, 2011

Babycakes...Cake Pops That Won't Gross Me Out?

 Look what Beth over at Home Stories A to Z just whipped up...aren't they fun?


Cake pops kind of gross me out.  Cake crumbs squished up in a bunch of frosting and coated with melted just doesn't sound or taste good to me at all.  I don't understand how they became so popular...not to mention how intensely unhealthy they must be.  I watched Coop snarf down one from Starbucks, and it made me wince and regret letting him get one.  (If you love cake pops, please take no offense to this.  It's purely my opinion.  Everyone gets their own, right?)  If you love cake pops, you go right for it and enjoy one for me, would ya?!  :)

But this little cake pop maker looks like a good solution for me.  It's actually cake covered in fun stuff...not just mushed up cake mixed with frosting.  I can do these cake pops.  I could pop probably a million in my mouth and think nothing of it.  :)

So, I've seen these around, but I'm just now realizing how fantastic one of these little machines might be.  I'm sure little mini cupcakes would be just as fun...but there is something about a round little treat that screams fun!

Have you used one of these machines?  Was it worth getting?  Do you love it?
Many blessings to you!
Can hardly believe it is December 15th.  Wow!

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