Friday, October 7, 2011

More Little Acorn Bites

Okay so I found more little acorn bites.  My brain feels a bit fried as of lately, so thinking of clever little goodies like this is not something that is going to be happening for me right now.  It just isn't.  I can deal.  Because you know what?  There is Pinterest!  :)  After first spying THESE on Pinterest, I had to share...and now these?  Could acorns be any cuter?  Or more tempting?  I just got warm fuzzies.

Donut Hole Acorn Bites from Gracious Rain

Seems as though you need donut holes.  My favorite are the pumpkin spiced donut holes at Krispy Kreme...goodness sakes those are tasty.  I could seriously eat a whole box of them without even realizing it.  I think I did once.  Anyhoo, moving'll also need Nutella (or peanut butter or chocolate frosting), pretzel sticks, and sprinkles and/or toffee bits.

I just love fall.  Such a good excuse to eat a bunch of deep fried dough made to look like an acorn.

Big warm fuzzy hugs,


  1. Hi Holly,
    Thanks so much for the link to our sweet little acorns. I love your site.

    I was just wondering how to copy the "Featured on Hallelujahs..." button for my blog. Can you help me with that?

  2. Hi Launi,

    I don't have the button set up with code. So I would encourage you to copy and paste the Featured On Hallelujahs by Holly button where you want it, and then add the link to this page where you are featured (just as if you were linking a picture back to its original source). You could also add a widget (in blogger) to your sidebar (add a photo?) and then link it to this page.

    I sure hope this helps. Sorry I don't have it all set up perfectly for you to make it easy as pie.



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