Thursday, October 6, 2011


So I made a messy mossy wreath the other day.  Kinda fun.  I'm sure you've seen them around.  Making a wreath for fall has been on my to do list for a little over a week now, but time somehow slipped away from me.  Actually, I've been wanting to make a wreath for fall (I had several different versions in mind) since last year, so I was so glad to finally get one done.  It's pretty cute.  The wreath boasts all sorts of flaws, but for now, it's imperfectly wonderful.  Here it is in all of its imperfect mossy glory.  :)  

I started with a wicker-type wreath form that I found about a year ago at Value Village, my hot glue gun, and a couple bags of moss...1 large bag at 40% of 5.99 at Michael's and a smaller bag with the brighter green moss that was a little more expensive.  

Let it be known that I probably could have made 10 wreaths from the amount of moss on my roof right now.  We're getting to that, so it was unavailable for wreath use.  :)  Crazy that I actually walked into a store and bought moss.  Kind of makes me giggle.

The wreath had some plastic greenery and weird pinecones attached at the bottom and just looked really sad.  Those pinecones and fake greenery were clipped right off as quickly as I could grab my wire cutters, and I was left with a plan ol' wreath form.  From there, it was pretty self explanatory.  I started with the large bag of cheaper moss and slowly started ripping and pulling it into chunks that would be fairly flat against the wreath when glued.  Dirt flew everywhere.  The table was covered in dirt and mossy bits and pieces.  I had no idea.  I didn't let it phase me.  I continued with this pulling apart and gluing until the entire wreath was covered.  Although I wanted to add the brighter green moss to the wreath originally, I stopped myself and thought I would just leave the wreath as is for a while...kind of live with it and see how I felt in a week or so.  The whole thing was kind of an experiment in a way...and I wasn't sure what I wanted to settle on.  So I tucked the extra bag of moss away, and there it was.  Done.  Not bad.  I think I might even be able to hang it in the spring...get a bonus season out of this bad boy.

In retrospect, I was not well equipped for making this wreath.  You live and learn, right?  The biggest hurdle for me in making this was I think I should have used a straw or styrofoam wreath form.  It would have allowed for a more solid layer of glue as a foundation for the moss to stick...better adhering overall.  Also, I would have liked a larger wreath form (in diameter) to start with, as the wreath feels a little shrunken for my taste after seeing it all said and done.  Maybe I can address that later...more layers of moss...maybe an entire new layer of the brighter green moss with this moss as the background or filler?  Hmmm...  

For now, the wreath is done and hanging.  A simple beautiful orange ribbon was looped around it and taped to the top of my door, and I added a bow for pizzazz and loveliness.  I also grabbed the cute boy who lives here and had him pose for a picture.  He decided he needed my (cold) back up glue gun and an intense scowl to make the wreath appear to be that much cheerier.  What a guy.  In the next couple days, I think I will lower the wreath a bit, move the bow a bit lower too, and seriously ponder building it up to be a bit larger and fuller.  

The porch needs a little sprucing up too by the way.  It's not like I post this picture of our porch and think, "Wow, now this needs to be in a magazine."  I am under no illusion.  But unfortunately for your eyeballs, it's not that big of a deal right now.  That's just kind of how it is.  Can you feel me?  (And I think a magazine worthy porch isn't all that important to one of our neighbors they have pretend blood smeared all over their door with very intense/scary Halloween decor adorning their lawn...hmmm).  A new light is on the list, but not a priority.  The easy tweaks will be washing up our pumpkins and getting them arranged nicely.  I've also been thinking about getting a mum for the planter...maybe a golden orange to tie in with the ribbon color.  Nothing says fall on the porch like a beautiful mum.  We'll see.  For now, some free branches that Coop and I gathered from the greenbelt next door are residing in the planter.  Maybe I'll take the planter away completely and just nestle the branches behind the pumpkins.  I'll have to play around a bit and see what feels right.  I am trying to be very intentional about not spending money to decorate for fall this year.  My preferred way of decorating for the seasons tends to lean toward using natural elements anyhow, so just pulling from nature seems to be my economical and go to method this year.   

Speaking of not spending a lot of money on extra decorations, next year I am going to intentionally eat a lot of corn...and try to make use of what I normally throw in the garbage.  How about one of these?  Be still my heart.  Swoon.  Love.  


Now that's a wreath.  Nothing like turning free garbage into a beautiful door wreath.  Well, okay, maybe there is.  Going to the store and actually buying moss kind of falls into that "I can't believe I'm doing this..." kind of category.  But hey, good times.  I think I'll be stuffing corn down our faces and the faces of all our family members.  How many ears of corn do you think it would take?     

I am about to start reading and studying the book Radical by David Platt with my church and small group.  I can't help but feel like God is preparing my heart for a radical makeover.  I am feeling more and more turned off by the thought of accumulating stuff, spending money on things we don't need to make this house look "pretty," and feeling like I deserve the white picket fence.  My heart is open.

Anyhow, with that said, this is my moss wreath, and I'm sticking to it.  
Or not.
I think it might change.
I just took a deep breath.
Feels good.
No pressure.

And in the mean time, my little buddy and I will be doing this...

and this...

...because lining up toys in the hallway, having races, and just slowing down to play...

is the best darn way to let time slip away from me...ever.

Here's to beautiful, unhurried everyday moments.
Hope you get to enjoy some too.

Blessings to you!

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  1. Holly I just adore reading your posts. Your wreath is just awesome. And your pictures are so clear and gorgeous! Blessings to you this fall, my blog friend... so glad to see you are PLAYING and BEING CREATIVE! Both things feed your soul! Jules


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