Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little Buddy's Room: I'm A Big Kid Now (In Progress)

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So even with the soul stirring as of lately, little buddy is still growing up, and it is allowing for some fun changes around the house at times.

On March 5, 2011, a random weekend afternoon, we moved our Guest Bedroom furniture set into Cooper's room.  It was in true Brian form to just up and do it on a whim.   Brian likes to be spontaneous like that, and although I always am a little hesitant to go along with was a good move.  With this split second decision, Cooper's days in the crib/toddler bed were over.

The Hubby's old college bedroom set (from IKEA) had served as our guest bedroom set since we were married.  The bed even served as our Master Bedroom Bed as we waited for our California King to arrive as newlyweds.  There was nothing fantastic about it, but there was also nothing wrong with it.  Trying to be resourceful, we had been talking about using it in Coop's room for quite some time, as opposed to buying a twin for him.  Our thinking was that if we already had this bed, we didn't need to buy the bed rails and pieces necessary to transform his crib into a headboard and footboard yet.  (We are still hoping to use the crib for future wee we wanted to keep it available.)

My thought was to paint or stain the pine, but in all honesty, I just didn't see that happening any time soon.  So, I resolved to be okay with the pine...for now.  I busted out the white guest linens (white sheet set and down comforter from Target years back...on clearance...steal of a deal) to keep things fresh and bright.  We  draped the quilt my Dad made for him on the end, and kept his buddies in there for fun and company (let's face it...he and his buddies...all one million of them...are like this (fingers crossed really hard).

The toy box was filled with most of his books from the Expedit shelf in the nursery, and they also found there way into a basket near his rocking chair.  You can also see some paint samples on the wall.  Neither of them felt right for the space, so we are on the hunt for the color we'll stick with for a while...a color with resale in mind.  I think anything might beat the dirty builder grade white walls at this point.  

Like I mentioned previously, we did move the World Market dresser into our Master and switched in this one (below) to match the set.  It had plenty of drawers and storage, and was a good place to place a few key objects...lamp, piggy bank, clock, monitor, and the art that needs to be hung.    You can see the sample paint spots below that Cooper helped with on the bottom left.  You can also see a bit of the bat height chart my Dad made for Coop.  He even engraved Cooperville Slugger on the other side.  So fun.  The giraffe from his 2nd birthday made the cut, but it is becoming quite cumbersome, as we are working in a tight space.  Oh and don't you love the purple fleece blanket curtain?

It's possible that upon adding more art to the walls, I may paint the frame to the Where the Wild Things Are poster white.  Guess I'll need to wait and see how it all feels in the same space when we get there.  It's a silver/metallic material.

We had the bed turned the other direction at first as you can see below...facing his closet.  The layout seemed to work better with the bed facing the dresser and adjacent to the windows, as you see above.  Before we made that final decision, the boys had to test it all out.

It was just a fun, happy day for Cooper.  Can you tell?

Now, when I imagine Coop's room being finished, I picture it being a space that is clean, simple, colorful, functional, and joyous/inspiring.  I want it to exude him.  The main colors are blue and green (pretty much his faves...until you ask him randomly...and then every color is his favorite), and many colors are welcome.  We don't need perfection or indulgence or more stuff.  We have plenty already.  We just need our sweet boy and a little elbow grease.  I think it's going to be fairly easy to pull this room together.  I just need to take my time and do it.  The To Do List for his room looks like this...

Little Buddy's Room To Do List
Paint walls
Add curtains or bamboo/natural roman shades
Choose and hang wall art
Make study, creative, work station
Clear out some of the unnecessary toys/stuffed animals
Add a monogram to the wall somewhere
Figure out better book storage on the cheap
Organize the closet...more functional storage
Paint bedroom furniture?

So far, I've painted a thrift store chair for his work station, painted a big letter C from Joann's for his monogram, and bought an $18 bookshelf.  I'll be taking some pictures and filling you in on the progress as I get to it!

Looking forward to seeing the finish line in here...keeping my eyes on the prize and understanding what is really important.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. I actually really like the pine bed with the white bedding and colorful quilt. It's adorable! AND I like the current wall color. The tan one on the wall is peaceful.

  2. Thanks AnaLisa! I've been getting used to the pine, and I agree, it's a nice contrast to the white bedding. Thank you for noticing the wall color! It looks more tan in the pictures, but it is actually builder grade white. Just goes to show the lighting skills I have! :) We will probably go with a color very we've been using downstairs. Keeping things calm and peaceful, and sprucing up with accessories and colorful tidbits! Yay!

    Love ya!


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