Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Thrifty Adventure...Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Popped down to Value Village and the Goodwill with my Mama and brought home a few treasures.  Pictured here are a sweet white pitcher (which I will use as a vase or paintbrush holder or love kitchen eye candy), a square white....vase, pencil holder, art supplies holder...not sure yet, and a green glass flower looking thingy.  :)  I plan on using it as a bit of a catch-all....either downstairs for keys and little bits of randomness that my husband always empties onto the kitchen counters or for the same purpose in our master bathroom.  I just never know where he's going to empty his pockets these days, and I'm just about tired of being under prepared for this annoying little habit game.  I think this will help!  And I must admit, I would never yeah right leave any little bits of random on counters.  Ever.  I think I have a small addiction to white planters, vases, and containers.  I seem to be growing quite a collection.  Never too many.

Update on my body:  for those of you who have stuck with me and read about some of my devastating pain and immobility issues due to my arthritis, thank you!  I am doing so much better!  Remicade is working, and I have been moving and a shaking and starting to LIVE again.  I feel so wonderfully able.  It's amazing!  I am waking in the morning and jumping out of bed instead of painfully staggering.  Cooper and I are playing and having lots of fun during the day.  And lately, I am so inspired to take a stab at some of my To Do Lists that have been left to collect dust over the past long while while I dealt with the physical issues.  It's pretty exciting!  Now the ideas in my head feel more like they could become reality, as opposed to feeling more like impossible tasks just taunting me!

Looking forward to fall, there are a few events that I am using as target deadlines for some of my projects.  Some of these events include a special dinner for 8 that we won at our church auction (Oh how I can't wait for this...cooked by our friend and worship pastor who was formerly a cook/chef!), Cooper's 3rd (Here he is turning 2!) and the Mr.'s birthdays, and my 2nd Annual Christmas Cookie Swap Party.  Also in the back of my head, I'm just simply excited to clean this house.  Decorating for fall and Christmas seem a lot more enjoyable when you start with a clean palette.  The list of To Dos is quite long, and I have a feeling I might not get to all of it.  I would be happy to accomplish just a few things on the list really.  I've never written it all down actually.  I've done random lists here and there.  Crossed some things off and added to them...but never an all inclusive list to keep working toward.  Just to throw it out there and keep myself focused...here is a peek at a few of my grand ambitions...maybe I'll start a big To Do List Tab and just constantly keep up with it.  Hmmm...

Here's a few that are somewhat of a priority in my head.

To Do List (starting point...)
-Paint entire interior of house (including ceilings and all bedrooms)...possibly hire out if reasonable
-Tidy up and prepare outside of house for fall
-Refresh paint on front porch
-Wreath for front door?

-Replace light of kitchen table
-Paint kitchen cabinets white
-Figure out dining table option for dinner for 8...rent?  Borrow?  Buy?
-Sand and stain kitchen nook table, decide on chairs

Master Bedroom/Bathroom
-Find pops of color for bed
-New lampshades...might not be permanent solution yet
-Stain or paint bathroom cabinets
-Frame for mirror
-Repurpose or find new lighting for bathroom

Cooper's Bedroom
-New blinds/shades and curtains
-Monogram and art on the walls
-Table and chairs

-Tidy up desk/office area...hang appropriate pieces on wall
-Decide on space above computer/desk...art?  Pinboard?  Photos?  Bins?

Laundry Room
-Finish up laundry room with what I have...add a few things to wish list
-Pegboard on two walls?  Is this necessary?

Living Room
-New pillows in living room
-Paint mirror frame above fireplace
-New pictures in frames

-Paint cabinet in powder room, add mirror frame, and paint all hardware...make art
-Finish art wall, choose photos too

Random Projects in the Garage to Finish
-Sand and paint frame for chalkboard...paint chalkboard
-Sand and paint child sized rocker, child sized chair, and child sized bench
-Paint $5 chandelier?  Hmmm...scrap it?
-Paint magazine holder...what to use this for?
-Paint wall flowers
-Find large canvas to paint polkadot art?  Other painted design?

There are a million other things I could think of to add to this list right now.  I should just let this settle a bit, and continue at another time.  I need to start small in order to allow myself some little victories.  What do you think?  Can you relate to any of these hopeful projects?  Any tips or advice?  I've decided.  Totally going to add a To Do tab.  Boom.  Accountability and constant encouragement to keep focused...here I come!

Blessings to you on this lovely day,

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  1. Such wonderful little treasures!

    So glad that you are feeling so full of life! What a gift! Hoping that you can stay inspired and tackle some of your projects. It's so fun to dream! I am in the process of refreshing the kids' rooms. I just finished two sets of girly curtains and have the fabric for my boy's. Then it's on to painting and organizing. Hope I can see it through ... before the oomph fizzles out!

    Blessings on you!


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