Monday, August 15, 2011


Okay so all that chatting about fall wardrobe options got my heart going pitter patter!  I haven't updated my wardrobe in quite some time...and haven't really felt up to it to be honest.  Shopping with aches and pains is no fun!  And even when I order clothes online, nothing seems to fit well, and it almost all gets sent back.  With fall on the horizon, I'm hoping to trade in my worn out and tattered hoodies for a few more "grown up" items.  Hoodies and tees are going to have to make room for some "real" clothes.  Nothing too fancy, I mean...this is me we're talking about.

Although I have some great staples, I've had a few things on the "To Get" list for some time now.  When I come across them for a good price, I try to snatch them up.  I love finding inspiration on Pinterest. I've been finding a few style boards on Pinterest, and I'm noticing a few "stand outs."  One is the tall brown boots, like I mentioned HERE.  Got 'em.  Check.  But another shoe I've been eyeing is a leopard print flat.  Kinda like these babies.


Kinda fun and funky, with a little casual elegance, all in one.  
Love the denim, white, and grey with a punch of color like coral.  
So fun.  The Leopard flats are a perfect splash of pattern and fun.

While I have come to love the idea of flats, they don't always work so well for me.  I am sometimes in between sizes, and when you're a size 10 and size 10.5 doesn't always exist, you are left in a bit of a conundrum.  The pool of options becomes a little slimmer.  It just does.  Not for Paris Hilton though.  I remember seeing a show once where she mentioned having really large feet.  To deal with the lack of selection, she just has her shoes custom made.  Custom.  Wow.  Wonder if she has found a pair of TOMS to fit?

Moving on.  While at Target the other day (on a mission to get bins/baskets for some organizing), I happened to mozy on over to the shoe section (such a dangerous detour).  Custom shoes are not quite in the budget for these feet, so to the clearance rack I mozied.  There...all by their lonesome...was a funny looking little pair of leopard flats calling my name...Holly...Hooooooolly...for 50% off!  Get right out of town.  

I scrambled to try them on and boom!  While a bit roomy in the heel, the elastic in the back scrunched just perfectly and held them on quite nicely.  No scrunched toes and a comfy flat.  Score.  They don't scream high end and probably won't last forever, but for $12.48 on clearance and being able to check an item off on the wish list, I couldn't pass them up.  The perfect little punch of fun and sass for the days when I want to sass up my jeans.

Now that I actually feel like getting dressed every day, I think it's going to be a lot more fun doing so!

Find anything fun at Target lately?
What's on your fall wardrobe wish list?

Big hugs and many blessings,

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  1. I love Target ... and I have some happy money to go shopping with soon. Hope I can find some good deals, too! :) I wouldn't have probably paused at the animal print shoes, but ... ADORABLE! What a find!


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