Friday, August 5, 2011

Random Window Shopping at Patina...and Real "Shopping" at World Vision

So just for kicks and giggles, I'd thought I'd share a little bit of my window shopping at Patina, an online shop for all things random, neat-o, quirky, weird, and totally awesome.  This is probably one of the most random little compilations I've ever made rhyme or reason...just a couple things that caught my eye today.  Take a peek...
Originally 16.95, Now 8.50

These are so fun and colorful.  Perfect for a lovely summer day and a cold glass of lemonade.  And, since there are 6 of these, you could invite your friends over and have a little lemonade party...sit and chat and sip...maybe peruse design magazines and catalogs and do manis and medis.  Just sayin'. 

I feel like these could come in handy.  I have a great set of metal measuring spoons, but my other set (Wouldn't you say it's handy to have two sets of measuring spoons?) is plastic and is breaking.  They're a bit bulky too.  Maybe I'll ask Santa to stick these in my stocking this year.  Love the green and yellow too.  Seeing things like this make me dream even more of cooking in a clean, bright, white kitchen.  

I still have yet to paint our kitchen cabinets white though.  I know I will get there, but this arthritis has really thrown me off my game.  I just got a call that the authorization went through for my serious juju (bigtime medicine).  This means I will get my first does next week if all goes well, and I couldn't be more thrilled.  

For some reason, I am drawn to flying pig bits and pieces.  Not sure why.  Kind of like saying the impossible is possible.  I don't like pigs in particular, nor do I like decorating with them, but this guy...just love him.

Pink Circles iPhone Case                           Colorful Chevron iPhone Case
24.95                                                              24.95

I might inherit an iPhone come this fall.  My phone is eh.  Might is the key word though, seeing as to how that means the hubby would have to buy the new version coming soon.  Not sure if I'm on board that train yet.  We'll see.


Fun little monkey plate for little buddy.

Magnetic Letter Set                                     Magnetic Numbers Set
18.95                                                              18.95

We have some "things that go" and some farm animals on our fridge.  I'm thinking it's about time for some letters and numbers.  Maybe under the tree for little man this year?  Maybe Melissa and Doug instead?
Little Sock Monkey                                        Cordy Roy Giraffe
21.95                                                                22.95

And well, funky, quirky, and cute little stuffed buddies are just my favorite.  Kinda wishing Coop wasn't too old for these...and that he didn't have a million others already.  Love these corduroy little friends.

Alrighty, what do ya think?  Kinda fun.  No harm done to the wallet.  For some reason, I have a little more willpower when it comes to shopping online.  Maybe it's just a little sense of I found some sweet things...know where to get them...and could if I really wanted to...but won't...after thinking long and hard and convincing myself not one of these things is needed in any way shape or form to improve my life today...or my family's.  It's the truth.  

But you know who's life is desperately in need of a genuine shopping spree...a spending rampage at one of the most awesome online sites (World Vision) out there?

This image is brutally painful and brings tears to my eyes.  Looking at these helpless, precious little gifts suffering and then thinking about their parents who are unable to care for them and provide the nourishment their little bodies's heart wrenching.  I can't imagine not being able to provide nourishment to my son.  Seeing him cry and sob in desperate hunger and watching his body little stripped to skin and bones due to the lack of nutrition...well, the thought makes me want to throw up.

You can read more about this crisis HERE, and this is a small snippet from the World Vision Site:

The most severe drought in decades is threatening the lives of more than 11 million people — especially young children — in the Horn of Africa. Famine has been declared in parts of southern Somalia, and threatens to spread further if nothing is done to prevent it. Kenya and Ethiopia are also severely affected by the crisis, with millions in critical need of food and water. World Vision has launched an emergency response to the drought and food crisis, working to provide life-saving essentials to the most vulnerable children and families. Your gift is urgently needed today.

Insufficient rains have created drought conditions throughout the Horn of Africa — destroying crops and killing livestock. Malnutrition and disease are on the rise as families travel long distances in search of food. Record high food prices, internal conflicts, and insecurity in the region further exacerbate the situation. 

World Vision has been fighting hunger in the Horn of Africa for many years, and will continue to respond in the midst of this crisis. Thanks to government grants, your gift today can multiply up to 5 times in impact to help provide emergency food, clean water, agricultural support, healthcare, and other vital assistance to children and families in need.

Please pray for the millions suffering in the Horn of Africa. And please help us continue this urgent response to the food crisis.

If you would like to give monthly to hungry children, please go to Children Suffering from Hunger - Monthly.

I do trust World Vision to use the money I'm donating efficiently and to get the help where it is needed most quickly.  I encourage you to search yourself and find a way to help, even if it is simply praying...such a powerful gift in and of itself. 

Many blessings to you on this Friday,

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