Friday, August 12, 2011

Butterfinger Wannabes Featured With Other Butterfinger Recipes...Check It Out!

I just discovered that Love From The Oven recently shared a round up of Butterfinger recipes!  My goodness...they all look amazing.  And to my dellight, I even noticed that my Butterfinger Wannabes made the list.  Awesome!

Click HERE to go to Love From The Oven's Butterfinger Recipe Round Up.

Seriously amazing yum going on!  Maybe you'll find something to try soon.  I know my sweet tooth has been calling my name.  Did you know I lost 3 pounds or so since getting my medicine?!  I guess the ability to move and groove and even run up the stairs instead of mozy on up can make a big difference.  Yahoo for pain relief!  I feel a chocolate reward coming on!

Happy weekend to you!

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