Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Last year (find it HERE), we enjoyed a lovely time along Tacoma's Waterfront in celebration of the 4th of July.  Getting out and about was actually fun...not too crowded or crazy and great activities of walking and people watching.  

This year, we enjoyed such a beautiful sunny 4th of July day here at home...something we have been longing for all spring and summer.  The sun seems to play hide and seek with us around here...hiding for such long periods of time this year.  But when it shows itself and the clouds part...oh what a gloriously welcome warmth and sunshine we get to experience.  Not too hot...a slight breeze...and a lovely brightness.  Loved it.

What a relaxing day for our family.  We had our parents over and just relaxed most of the day...playing, snacking, chatting, lounging.  It was wonderful.  I was experiencing quite a bit of pain due to my lame ankylosing spondilitis (I know, big word...you can read a bit more about my struggle HERE.), but having our sweet parents here surely lessened the load and made for a much more doable day.  We played some games in the yard, ran in the sprinkler, lounged and chatted about nothing and everything, barbecued burgers, and enjoyed food that took minimal prep and effort.  I was so thankful our parents brought wonderful dishes to enjoy and savor, leaving all of our tummies quite happy.  We ended the evening with dessert, a fire in the firepit, and some baby fireworks for Cooper.  

Just wanted to share a few snapshots from our day.  Cooper loved the sprinkler this year.  He was quite timid at first, but then he got really comfortable.  He would get close, then run away as fast as he could.  He ended up throwing all of his toys in the sprinkler (not sure why...?) and ended up quite soaked...completely comfortable to run right through that sucker.  So cute to watch the glee in his face.

My Mom made some Vegan Chocolate Coma Cupcakes.  You can find the recipe HERE.  They were delicious.  Winner for sure.  Our parents are living quite healthfully lately, and having them set that example and share that with us is lovely.  I welcome the sharing of health.  By the way, have you seen THIS documentary?  Or maybe THIS one?  So great and truly inspiring!

We all grabbed one of Cooper's instruments (Cooper grabbed his lawnmower...?!), and we headed out for a makeshift 4th of July parade down our street.  It was delightful and made me giggle like a schoolgirl.  I wished more of our neighbors would have been home to join us.

Toward the end of our evening (It was still light out...B had to head to works really early the next day.), we lighted a few sparklers amongst other little piddly "fireworks"...I call them baby fireworks.  Nothing fantastical, illuminating, awe inspiring...just good ol' kid fireworks.  I'm sure when Cooper is older, we will experience our fair share of legit fireworks.  You know, the kind that make the phrase burning money before your eyes...so true.  :)

After our modest little display, it was time for our neighborhood to shine.  The area we live in turns into a grand fireworks display...literally a war zone...every year.  Spending money on fireworks doesn't really seem necessary given that we can enjoy them for free by simply sitting in lawn chairs outside.  Next year, I might even hold an umbrella...for all the exploded cardboard pieces raining down on us.  It was great...true down home 4th of July.

Family pictures at our house usually turn out a little something like this.  :)  Life is too special to be serious all the time, right?

And here's our little 4th of July Super Cooper...flag and all.  Love this kid.
So much fun celebrating a holiday with a wee one running around.
Keeps life in perspective.  That's for sure.

What did you guys do?

So thankful for the freedom I experience daily in this country.  Truly blessed.

Big hugs to you friends,


  1. I just love seeing pictures of your darling family and the fun you all have! My favorites are baby fireworks! I'm going to call them that from now on. My son is STILL setting off leftovers from last night... our poor neighbors!
    Have a wonderful start to your July, sister! XO Jules

  2. Happy 4th of July! It looks like you all had a wonderful celebration!!!

  3. What a great looking weekend Holly!! Glad the sun shone through for you...I'm sure your home-made band was awesome ;)

  4. What a great looking weekend Holly!! Glad the sun shone through for you...I'm sure your home-made band was awesome ;)

  5. it's hard for me to stand the cuteness. i almost can't look at these pics.


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