Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rockets by Katie Moon

If you have any little boys that love rockets...head on over to the blog Ooh Moon today.  You can download this free rocket illustration done by Katie Moon...print it, frame it, make a game out of it, use it for cards or invitations...your options are limitless.  Awesome right?!  Isn't it cute?

Katie is an artist who is sharing one free illustration every day for a year on her blog Ooh Moon.  I am a HUGE fan of children's literacy...books and this makes me so giddy.  I shared a little bit of my love for kid's books when I shared some of our little buddy's favorites so far, as well as our Christmas collection.  I just can't get enough!

Anyhow, in case you are interested in some of her other illustrations too, take a peek.  If you don't download a specific illustration on the day she offers it for free, you can still download it...but for a small fee, and even then, 10% of all the proceeds from her site go to Compassion International.  Isn't that awesome?!  Katie is so talented, not to mention the sweetest of sweets and quite generous.  Check it out and see if there are any lovely illustrations that will make your wee ones smile.

Thanks Katie Moon for all your beautiful inspiration, art, and generosity!  Love it all!  You're the neatest!

Just a little heads up for my friends.

Blessings on your day!

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  1. Holly that is the sweetest print! I'm going to head over and see what else she has. I love that some money goes to Compassion International. What a great organization that I would be proud to help support. I hope your Father's Day was a great one ... enjoy the rest of your week! Jules


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