Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tickle Time at the Hood Canal

Look at the last square on the bottom right.
I'm falling over...ahhhhh!
Serves me right for tickling my little buddy.
Love tickle time!

We had a great time at the Hood Canal over Memorial Day weekend.  Here's just a little teaser.  
Looking forward to going through some photos and sharing them soon!

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!


  1. You both look so happy! Hope that photo shoot didn't end with you face down in the sand! :)

  2. What a fabulous sequence of photos...I can almost hear the giggles! There is absolutely nothing better than hearing those heart felt chuckles. Glad to see you are taking time in life for the important things. Enjoy!!xx

  3. Love those sweet moments! jules

  4. I absolutely love your blog. Just found it today.

  5. I'd love to have seen the next photo in the sequence!! Haha!!

    That's such a cute set of images - and, look at you, you're gorgeous!!

    I've signed up to ve your new follower. Weird: I thought I'd done that ages ago - but possibly Google has been eating what I've done!!


  6. This is adorable Holly!!! I absolutley LOVE this photos:) Hey do you have any tips on a collage making photo program? I always want to make collages and have no idea how:)


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