Thursday, May 5, 2011

The New Frog Umbrella

Forgot to post our little tester session with Coop's new umbrella last week.  Worked like a charm!

I used to have this umbrella long ago...I even remember using it while in college. Yes I just said I used a frog umbrella while in college.  I was that kind of wild and crazy girl.  Watch out all you party girls...frog umbrella girl has you beat on wild and crazy!  :)  Hey, it was fun.  Anyhow, I wouldn't say it is the most sophisticated of rain gear, but it is definitely a hit around here with little buddy.  Fun and practical addition to the Easter basket for sure!

Please excuse the lighting in this photo.  I was snapping them so quickly and didn't quite have time to get all my settings just right.  Oops.  And just in case you missed it in my little Easter Recap and are interested, here is the Amazon link to our frog umbrella one more time...

Frog Umbrella

Happy Thursday to you,

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  1. My baby girls have a ladybug umbrella (little ladybugs scatter all over it ...) - Now we just need some sprinkles so we can pull it out and enjoy it!

    Happy Weekend to you! And no ER visits, please :)


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