Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Favorites: Snickers Ice Cream Bars

I hardly ever buy things not on my list.  I shop with a purpose.  I map out my meals, make a grocery list, and head to the store with a plan.  I stick to the plan...with the exception of fresh flowers, random sales, etc.  Now if you ask my husband, he might tell you otherwise.  But pay no mind to him.  :)  Granted, I will admit to having quite the chocolate stash on a consistant basis, but other than that, I don't often buy lots of treats or snacks from the "junk" isles.  All those things are pretty delicious, and it's hard to call them junk, but it's the truth.  Don't you think Jamie Oliver would agree?  Anyhow, it's just something that keeps me on track.  I try not to even walk down the isles if I mean business because the yummies and and sweets all start hollering my name..., "Take me home...I am's all a lie...empty calories schmempty calories..."

But the other day I gave in and bought Snickers Ice Cream Bars.  Oh my.  Totally worth it.  What a treat.  My husband and I both talked about it after we each devoured savored every last little bite.  There's no denying...these bad boys are finger licking good...with an mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm (said while shaking your head back and Stevie Wonder would do).  Thank goodness the weather around here isn't even close hasn't quite reached the summer temperatures yet, as I might be tempted to buy more of these indulgences to keep in the freezer.  We'll get there.  At some point, I need to have something handy in the freezer to avoid the astronomical ice cream man mark up.  Yowza!  Oh well, we'll have our ice cream man jar of coins ready too!  All in good fun!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to go out and buy a box of deliciousness! The first time we had those my husband and I were flying to Alaska and Alaska Airlines gave them out as treats... we thought, "BEST AIRLINE EVER!" Thanks for reminding me of a great memory!


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