Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Worship: Thankful for the Rain and Bring The Rain by Mercy Me

God, I praise you for the rain.
The actual, literal, wet and gloomy rain...
that seems to be nonstop around here.

Although I was pretty much sick and tired of it by February,
and it continues to pour cats and dogs nearly every day lately,
I still praise you for the rain.

I live here.  It rains a lot.  I know this.  I accept it.  No need to complain about it.
Lord, I praise you for the rain.

And boy, when spring and summer finally show up, I will sure be praising you then too!

Friends, this song is a great reminder that the rain in our lives (not necessarily just the wet droplets that fall from the sky, but the rough times and bumps in the road that we experience as human beings) is not God's way of making us miserable and punishing us...but of bringing us closer to him.  Sometimes, things happen in this life that are really tough.  Like horrible, terrible, disappointing, sad, disastrous, cruel, and unmentionable.  Things that make it hard to see the good, and it takes quite some time to feel normal again.  But even in these moments, He never ceases to be the AWESOME God, worthy of our praise.  

God sent his son Jesus Christ to us, that he might take our place, die on the cross, and pay the ultimate price for our sins.  He died so that we might live.  He is standing as our advocate at the right hand of God, so that when God sees us...when we pray and worship and sing and cry out...God doesn't see any blemishes that deserve his wrath...but a child in awe of him and worthy of his love.  He is The Almighty today, tomorrow, and always...through the most joyous times in our lives, as well as the heaviest rain and downpours.

May you be strengthened, encouraged, motivated, and grow deeper in Him as you experience the rain in your lives.  If you are experiencing a rain that is bringing you great pain or difficulties right now, I pray for you comfort, healing, joy, and peace...a peace that passes all understanding as you lean on Him.  

I pray these things in Jesus' name, Amen.
May your day be blessed and your burdens be light!
God is on your side, and He is with you.

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