Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Day in the Life of A Superhero

So out of nowhere...Coop wanted me to make him a cape.
He wanted to be Super Cooper.

We have recently been looking for the Superman cape that came with 
the infant sized Superman pjs he wore on his first Halloween.
I came to the conclusion that I must have stashed it away 
with all the other baby clothes that he so quickly outgrew! 
(I'm tellin' ya, pants became puddle jumpers before he could even wear them!)

Hmmmm...cape...time to get creative!

I looked in the cupboards and finally found something he could use.
As soon as I fastened the "cape" on this little man,
he became Super Cooper...and we began our super duper morning.

Immediately, he was off...

Although he wasn't wearing his toddler sized Superman pajamas,
(that I found at the Goodwill for $2 with the cape missing)
his construction pjs were definitely a super shade of blue
that coordinated well with his superhero cape.

I tell ya, I pinned that cape on, and Super Cooper was ready to save the world.

"I gotta go resuce," he would say.

And by the way, when I say "cape," I do mean the red hand towel
I scrambled to find that usually only makes its appearance around Christmas time.  

Today it wasn't just any towel, but rather, the best darn superhero cape a boy could ask for.
His jaw dropped and his eyes twinkled when I showed him the towel.
He took a huge breath, as if expressing, "Wow!"
It was red.  It looked cape-like.  He was impressed.

I love him.  What an imagination.

So he ran...and he ran...and he ran.
Here he is, as he rounds the kitchen corner.  
For literally five to ten minutes, he was running circles around our downstairs,
Many infants, puppies, and elderly folk were saved during this time.

Finally, Super Cooper came in for a landing on the couch.
He had legitimate huffs and puffs coming out of his mouth.
Being super is hard work...not to mention the millions of miles he had just run!

But better than the huffing and puffing was the humongous smiles.
He was so proud and excited to be a superhero.

Time for lunch.

Even superheroes need to eat lunch, so I prepared a super meal for my little man.
Turkey and cheese on whole wheat, an apple, and a little crunch.

Cheetos Natural Cheese Flavored Snacks, Puffs, White Cheddar,8 oz, (pack of 3)

These things are delicious!

He made sure to mention...he wanted the whole apple today, not just slices.
It must be a superhero thang.
And just in case this wasn't enough, he got the basket of food 
from his kitchen and brought that to the lunch table.  
I guess I completely underestimated a superhero's appetite!
Booyah the horse and his shopping cart were also in attendance.

Amongst all the superhero fun, boy was it hailing.  
Kind of neat to watch.
Even the most super of all heroes couldn't stop this hail storm.

After we finished lunch and began wrapping up our super adventures,
Super Cooper had a special treat as we prepared to head up for nap time.

Two deer came to visit the greenbelt that surrounds our house.
You probably can't see them, but they were chomping away out there.
Coop was so careful so as not to startle them.
We love catching glimpses of our neighbor deers.

We headed up and Coop fell asleep in record time...
with his red cape securely fastened of course.

This boy melts my heart.  I don't know how it happened, but the little baby I gave birth to has grown into the most sweet, imaginative, and loving little boy.  It's so fun to be his Mom and experience such precious every day moments such as these with him.  I am forever grateful that I get to be a Mom...Mom to the most super duper son a Mom could ever hope for...Mom to my little buddy...Mom to Super Cooper.

Hope you get to have some super adventures of your own.

Many blessings,

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  1. I love the pics of my big boy in his cape ... I sewed him a blue one that he wore for about 3 months straight.

    I especially loved the snapshot of your boy curled on the couch with his sweet smile ... what a cutie!


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