Thursday, April 14, 2011

Check Out Jason Kelly's Blog and His Direct-Aid Operation, Socks for Japan

Hello friends,  

My husband reads the blog of a gentleman by the name of Jason Kelly.  Jason, an American who fell in love with Japan, has been living and working there for some time, and he is experiencing first hand some of the devastating aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.  I should say actually, he isn't just experiencing it, he is on the front lines doing something to love.  

I strongly encourage you to head on over to Jason's blog to read about what he is doing (Socks for Japan).  He and his team are showing genuine, sincere love to those suffering from this natural disaster, and it is truly inspiring.  

Jason also offers a way for us to help with Socks for Japan, a direct-aid operation.  Click HERE to find out how you can support his efforts.  For your reference, I'm sharing a few pictures from his latest post: Drowning Hearts at Lady River.

Photo Courtesy of Jason Kelly

"As with other shelters we’ve seen, some in Ishinomaki overflowed with donated used 
clothing in piles — but no socks. Look at the unclaimed clothes at the first shelter, 
yet how eagerly survivors gathered to receive socks and letters from us."
-Jason Kelly

Photo Courtesy of Jason Kelly

Photo Courtesy of Jason Kelly

"We heard from people that as damaged as their town of Ishinomaki was, the 
nearby town of Onagawa was far worse. One woman told us, “My home town is 
Onagawa. Now I have no hometown.” We needed to get there. On the way, we 
passed by the bay where the tsunami had originated in Ishinomaki."
-Jason Kelly

Dirt road in Onagawa...Photo Courtesy of Jason Kelly

The stories and pictures from his journey to help these folks just got me sobbing.  I'm not sure about your day to day life, but it is so easy for me to forget what is going on over there.  Here I am, waking up stiff and arthritic, hobbling to help my little buddy make it to the potty in time, pouring milk on his cereal, heating up some leftovers for lunch, laughing and giggling as he makes silly faces and dares me to chase him...this is my day.  Nothing too outstanding or extraordinary...nothing groundbreaking...but safe, secure, joy filled, protected.  

I hardy doubt the folks in Japan will know this feeling for quite some time.  The feeling of a normal day.  The safety and comfort of home.   The sweet kisses and cuddles of loved ones.  My goodness. 

Lord please help me to get over myself, to see past my normal, and recognize the needs of others before my own.  Put it to the forefront of my mind, make it a priority in my my normal.  I pray you would inspire in the hearts of me, my dear friends, family, and blogging buddies a desire to serve, help, give, share, and encourage those that need us.  That they might find the motivation and strength to reach out to heal a heart by lending a hand.  May you press upon us the urgent need to see beyond ourselves and the call to love others in every opportunity we find.  Use us Lord, for your glory and gain.

In Jesus' name, amen.

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