Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bowling Ball Garden Bugs

We were so thrilled to experience some sun yesterday.  I gotta tell ya, I know I live in Washington, but for some reason, this year feels particularly darker, gloomier, and more wet!  Coop and I headed to the park with high hopes of fun.  The slide, the swings, the big toy, and the handfuls of little rocks in his dump truck and bulldozer...all signs of pure joy and spring and summer days to come.  Just the little glimpse of spring/summer weather and sunny day park adventure gave me a burst of energy that the dreary, drizzly afternoons don't offer these days.  I sure hope a good long streak of SUN wil come our way soon.  I am SO trying to be patient...I HATE being negative about the's just getting a little more difficult as we round out April and look to May.  May.  Isn't that supposed to be the beautiful start to summer around here?  :)

Anyhoo, did you happen to see these cute little garden bugs?


What a super cute idea to repurpose some old bowling balls (or a few that you find at the thrift store on the cheap) and add some whimsy to your garden or flower beds.  I bet kids would especially love this sweet little project.  Head on over to Fresh Home Blog to see the tutorial and find the supply list!

Are you doing any gardening these days?  Planting anything wonderful?  The deer around here kind of keep us from planting a garden in our backyard, but thankfully, my parents grow one each year.  They've got a few apple trees, and usually plant a few rows of corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, zucchini, and sometimes some herbs.  Cooper loves going to their house to play in the dirt.  

Happy gardening to you, and here's to some lovely weather to come!


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  1. Love the "bugs" ... I wonder what Brett would think if I came home with four bowling balls and stuck them in his vegetable garden :) We have two raised beds that we filled last year with pumpkins, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant and herbs. So excited to start the process again this year!

    Hoping for some sunshine for you! :) Happy Easter!


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