Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Favorties: White Hydrangeas

Love it when I head to Costco and they actually have some flowers I want to bring home.  The colorful arrangements with random mixes of flowers aren't usually my thing, even though I do love all different  kinds of flowers and arrangements.  Usually in the house, I often arrange flowers with this in mind:


Basically, I try to group together a large bunch of one type of flower, all in the same color range.  I saw once on a show that this type of arranging can have the most visual impact for the eye...grouping like flowers in like colors.  Makes for great pops of color!  I liked it.  Simple and beautiful.

Often times, I go for oranges...with lots of green leaves.  But many colors suit my fancy depending on the day.  Aren't flowers such a great way to add color to any space, any party, or any event?  I also like to use this technique when I'm filling pots outside for spring and summer.  So pleasing to the eye.

So anyhoo, you never really know what kind of flowers you are going to find in the buckets when you head to Costco.  It's usually the first stop I make in the store.  Really, it all depends on the season and time of day...who's had a chance to pick them over and what's available.  So when I went the other day, as soon as I saw some white hydrangeas, I quickly snatched them up.  For some reason, white is one of my favorite colors to work with when arranging flowers.  I think it can bring such a touch of elegance while making things feel light and airy.  I found myself in a white flower kind of mood...and to sweeten the deal, the hydrangeas were calling my name!  Oh how I look forward to the time of year when I can buy bunches of hydrangeas.

You see, they refuse to grow in my yard.  Like...refuse.  
Every time I plant them,  they usually end up sparse green black stems...
with no flowers to be seen.  It's a sad thing reallly.

Anyhow, I am loving these white hydrangeas.  I bought one bunch of hydrangeas (4 stems), and paired them with some white mini dahlia/chrysanthemum looking flowers to fill in the gaps.  Sorry for that lack of gut says they are little mums, but I really don't know what I'm talking about.

At any rate, my white flowers are making me very happy.  Just the other day, I was making a meal plan at the kitchen table where I first placed the flowers after arranging them.  As I was sitting there, I could see them and smell them.  In all seriousness, I felt like I was more productive in those minutes and in a better mood than I had been all day.  Just their presence gave me a little oomph.

Flowers bring me life!

What are your favorite flowers?

Blessings to you dear friends,

Fun little quote for ya:

BLOOM where you are planted.
The grass isn't always GREENER on the other side.

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  1. oh i love hydrangeas!! we are slowly taking out all the old green boring bushes around the house and replacing them with blue hydrangeas...not sure if they are strong enough to survive our winters! lily of the valley and lilacs take me back to my childhood with just one smell!!


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