Sunday, March 13, 2011


My prayer is that your heart's desire would be to 
our God and Savior with your every day.

From the second you open your eyes,
to the moment your head hits the pillow,
may you never cease to worship Him.

While you brush your teeth, 
as you fold the laundry mountain,
while you prepare dinner for your family,
while you are driving in the car,
while you are taking out the trash,
while you are teaching your child to be kind,
as you choose to demonstrate great patience,
during a conversation with a friend...or a stranger,
or while you clean up the mess from today's fun,
do it for His glory and honor.
Do it with a happy heart.

Thank Him for the moment...
the blessings...
the opportunities...
the grace...
the kindness...
the time...

Worship him with your every day moments and offer 
Him an endless supply of every day hallelujahs!

Is Sunday the only day you worship?

Blessings to you,

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  1. I once read in a book by Lisa Whelchel about praying through your laundry folding ... thanking God for His provision (as evidenced by 8 leotards!) and praying his protection & blessing & spiritual growth for those wearing the clothes. It's a habit I've strived for ... but I often still find myself just trudging through the task. Thanks for the fresh reminder!

    Happy Sunday!


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