Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A New Washer and Dryer and Some Strawberries...Just One More Mommy

The other day I was cutting up strawberries for lunch time.  I know they are not quite in season, but just seeing those big red gems in the store gave me the slightest glimpse of sun and summer and picnics and barbecuing...and they had to come home with me.  Anyhoo, Cooper loves them.  He excitedly pulled his kitchen stool up to the counter and asked,

"Mom, can I help?  Baby knife please!"

We have these harmless little knives that I let him use to help prepare meals sometimes.
He really loves being a part of the cooking process, and I think it's great to get him involved.

So as the little ramekin was filling up with strawberries, they were quickly
disappearing more quickly than I could keep up with.

I looked over at Cooper.
His mouth chomping away and his fingers stained with red strawberry juice.
I gave him the look.

"Just one more Mommy," and he grabbed a good sized chunk and stuck it in his mouth.
"Okay Cooper, just one more, and then we need to save the rest for lunch."
"Okay Mom."

I keep chopping.
Two seconds later, he grabs another one.
"One more Mommy."
Just too much for his little fingers to resist.
I smiled at him.  He grabbed another.
"Last one Mommy," and he smiled big right back at me.

This kid is too precious.
I did not make a fuss or make a big deal about him grabbing these strawberries.
He is a great little man, and listens to us regularly.
I almost enjoyed that he didn't listen to me.
Such a fun little moment.
He was in his own little strawberry lovin' world at the time.
And, I let him enjoy it.
Why not?

Here's to strawberries getting more red on the inside, picnics on a sunny day, the long awaited warm weather, and the blue skies of spring and summer.  Can't wait.

Just to fill you in a little, I am so totally pumped for Wednesday.  We have a new washer and dryer coming!  Say what?! Wooooooo hoooooo!  Our lovely washer was leaving rust spots on clothes and bedding, and our dryer was leaving a huge dusty mess in the laundry room.  It was time.

LG WM2140CW WM2140CW Front Load Washer LG DLE2140CW DLE2140CW Front Load Dryer

After doing some research, we decided to go with the LG WM2140CW.  There are so many makes and models out there with all the bells and whistles.  We simply wanted a good product with good reviews 
that would be a good fit for our family.  We didn't order the  pedestals, which are ridiculously expensive, and we didn't need anything too fancy or too expensive, but a bit updated.

I do have some plans to ask my Daddio to build a little table up and over them.  I'm thinking I'd like to paint it a fun cheery color...use it as a folding space.  No more laundry piles in my bedroom?  Yes please!

Just to tell you how often we make purchases like this, the bank put a hold on my debit card, and I had to call to verify that I did in fact make the purchase.  That made me laugh.  It made me feel like...finally.  One little "project" at a time, we are starting to pull ourselves together.  It has taken us a while to get our  booties in gear, but dang it, we are doing it!  My arthritis has sure put a damper on our lives in many ways, but as a team, as a family, we are overcoming!

The Mr.'s new job will be starting soon.  Our daily routine will be shifting a bit.  Bedtime will come a little earlier.  Paying the bills won't be quite as stressful.  And while the new job is not all about money for us, it certainly represents a step in the right direction, a life change,  an exciting new adventure, a chance to be responsible home owners, and an opportunity to see some wishes and dreams put into action.

By the way, I feel officially old...that I am excited about a new washer and dryer.
But I am thinking many of you can relate.  It's the little things.
I look forward to sharing that with you this week.

Many blessings,


  1. Yeah for strawberries and new appliances! They are both little/big deals!


  2. Yay for a new washer and dryer! It's so nice to have ones that work and work well!

    Those strawberries look very yummy! Evan really likes them too and we try to have them every morning with breakfast if we have any in the fridge!


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