Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shoot: Washer and Dryer Update and A Laundry Room Before

Alright, so I called Home Depot yesterday - Tuesday - (We ordered the washer and dryer through Home Depot...fairly priced, on sale too, free shipping, and would haul away the old nasties.) to check in with them regarding delivery time today.  I was getting so excited!  I was told they would call us the day before the scheduled delivery (which was to be today) to give us the 4 hour delivery window, but since Coop and I were headed out and about for a while, I decided to call them.  I get a little ancy like that!

Good thing I did.  When I ordered them on the 18th, the order was never fully completed in their system.  What?!  There was no delivery scheduled in their system!  What, what?!  Shoot!  I received a confirmation email with the total cost and the order number after placing my order with the Home Depot representative over the phone, but in speaking with a different gal on the phone yesterday, she said that it showed in the system that the order had never been completed.  Booooooo!  

LG WM2140CW  4.0 Cubic Feet                         LG DLE2140W  7.1 Cubic Feet
Large Capacity Front Load Washer                     Large Capacity Electric Dryer


Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?!?!  Remember that show?!

So at any rate, I couldn't get any straight answers from the gal over the phone yesterday...very textbook responses...almost seemed annoyed that I had so many questions.  Double booooo for poor customer service.  But thankfully, she helped me complete my order, and the washer and dryer will still be coming soon...Saturday!  Wooo to the hooooo!  The gal assured me yesterday that the order had in fact been completed, and I could verify that by checking my bank account to show a pending transaction.  I kept her on the phone, checked my bank account, saw the pending transaction...hallelujah!  Completed order.   I am just glad I called and didn't sit around waiting.  

In the end...Saturday is the big day...and I can't wait!  Good thing I got totally caught up with the laundry mountain this past weekend.  Wow, it had been a long time since I'd seen the laundry room floor.  Speaking of the laundry room floor...oh my!  The Mr. helped me pull the washer and dryer away from the wall to assess the nasty dust accumulation, and was DISGUSTING!!!  I'm so thankful that he did all the dirty work and wiped all that up.  We are ready to go!

I might throw a coat of paint on the wall just for kicks and giggles since I have a couple more days.  Going to have light walls with a few pops of color.  I'm thinking I'll stick with the fun cheery green laundry baskets I've already got going on...maybe hang some colorful and encouraging art too.  Never hurts to be inspired wherever you are!  With crisp white new appliaces, it is just going to feel totally different in there.  Clean laundry room, here I come!!!

If you want to know why I'm so excited for a clean, fresh change in the laundry room...and in an effort to keep it real, I will leave you with these images.  Might make you feel wonderfully about your laundry room situation, whatever it may be!


Ewwww...dust and lint grossness behind the dryer.  We've had all sorts of 
issues with this dryer, especially with the lint not being collected properly.
Looking forward to less ick in the laundry room for sure!

The lint trap handle broke off quite some time ago, and I have become quite used to pulling out 
the lint trap with a pair of scissors.  Hey, whatever works, right?!  Soon, no more!  Woo hoo!

And check out this dose of nasty!  That's behind the washer.  So lovely.  I just can't tell
you the joy I feel knowing this will no longer be a part of my laundry experience.

I'll be excited to update you when our new friends get installed.
You can picture me doing a happy dance and a jump for joy!
A big one!

Kind of like this!

Many blessings,


  1. You're so funny! Good thing you did call. I get annoyed when the person on the phone acts all irritated when it's their fault and not mine. Oh well!

    Can't wait to see what color you pick! I miss my laundry room. We had a nice one, kinda like yours, at our old place and now it's all out in the garage, but at least we have one!

  2. Sheesh Holly, good thing you decided to make that phone call. Sorry you had to deal with poor customer service. Did you ask to speak to a mgr? Knowing me I probably would have sent them and email! Glad everything worked out in the end. I know you'll enjoy doing laundry a lot more now!

  3. There's something wonderful about a clean place to clean things :) And seeing the amount of time we spend in said places ... they should be pleasant place to be :)

    Enjoy something a little new! :)

  4. Thanks ladies so much. Your sweet words always brighten my day! I am so thankful for you!

    I am so stinkin' excited...can't hardly wait. Laundry is already piling up...looks like our new friends will quite the workout upon arrival!

    Thanks again!

  5. Amazing photos, I really like your blog.
    Do you want to follow each other? This is me


  6. I just got that super awesome set a few months ago for myself! I LOVE it! I never thought I would love doing laundry lol I love the way it has a little jingle when you turn it on and at the end of a cycle. I love that I only have to dry an entire load of towels, or a quilt for 30 Minutes! Imagine! 30 minutes! haha :) Enjoy!


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