Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rainbow Cupcakes...A Little St. Patty's Day Inspiration

I think I mentioned this before (HERE), but I'm not super huge on going gung-ho with decorating for every single holiday.  It is just not one of my strong points.  I love the little touches here and there, fun celebrations, special treats, and enjoying each other's company, but when it comes to the house, I'd say Christmas is my big decorating moment, and the season of fall follows close behind.  I have nothing against folks who do enjoy full force seasonal and holiday decorating, and actually think it is quite fun and inspiring to see others enjoying themselves.  If my life were a little different at this point in time, I might have a bit of a different mindset for decorating, furnishing, and embellishing this house...if my body didn't struggle with arthritis so often...if we had a little extra money here and there...if I had more time to myself...if, if, if.  But it's not a different story.  It's just how it is right now.  Although I am a creative person and would love for my house to be my creative outlet all the time, I am able to have moments and projects here and there that makes "how it is right now" totally great, and quite enough.  

Anyhow, one thing I can get right behind and love to be a part of is when food and holidays collide.  I mean, food is one of my favorite parts of any holiday...and I'm pretty serious about it.  Don't mess with me at the Thanksgiving table...especially if you are a quick eater.  I am happy to sit by myself after folks have long since finished just to slowly enjoy every last little morsel.  I kid you not, there is no fear in this girl in regard to going for seconds and thirds if it is that good, and it usually is.  :)  

With that, I came across this beautifully decorated cupcake that would be so fun to incorporate into any of your St. Patrick's Day celebrations.  Whether you and your family just wear a little green (and get in on the pinching) or you are Supermom and make all sorts of fun treats for your little ones to take to school and share, this cupcake could surely wow them all!

Rainbow Sour Belt Cupcake


  1. Isn't that so fun! My kids would love to suck the sugar right off that rainbow! ... and then go to town on the frosting!

  2. That cupcake is so pretty! I love the colors! Ever since Evan was born, we've had this family tradition where we celebrate St. Patty's day with all kinds of fun green treats and food! We dress up in green, take tons of pictures and have a great time!

    What do you do? Anything special?

  3. Such a creative and beautiful little cupcake!

    Miss V, what fun traditions you and your family have. Maybe if we celebrated St. Patrick's Day as an extended family, we would get a little more festive. Usually, we wear a little green, try to find some fun green things for the Coopster, and take silly pictures...pictures are the best part! When I was a teacher, I got a bit more creative with each holiday. How could I not? But when it is just the three of us...a relaxed evening is just what we hope for!

    What are some of your favorite green treats? Like I said, food is my favorite part of every holiday!

    Hope you have so much fun this St. Patrick's Day ladies!

    Big hugs,


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