Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Favorites: Generous Hearts

The new World Vision Gift Catalog came in the mail last week.
Brought me to tears looking at all of the "things" you can "purchase."
My goodness.
How fortunate am I?
Really makes me think about what is important.
Like...really important.

Reminds me to be so thankful for the simple pleasures
of new washers and dryers...
clean laundry with little effort...
a whole room (albeit small) in my house just for said washer and dryer...
a safe roof over my head...
to rest my body at night...
the list could go on forever.
I'm sure you might be able to come up with a mighty long list yourself.

How is it that I can often go merrily along my way and
let these issues slip to the back of my mind so easily?


So recently, the Hubbs talked with the Coopster about being generous...a good man to man.

They looked through the World Vision catalog.

Coop emptied his piggy bank, and they counted up all the money he had been saving...
that we had been helping him save...
one penny...
one quarter...
a few bills...
at a time...
since birth.
(Not counting all the gifts we have put into the bank of course.)


Once the money was counted, Daddy talked to Cooper about being thankful for
what we have and the importance of sharing and giving to those in need.

Together, they looked at the faces and needs in the catalog
and found a couple ways that Cooper wanted to help.

Joyfully, Cooper wanted to help purchase musical instruments 


and soccer balls for all the kids that could benefit from them.

Love my little buddy's precious, generous heart.

How do you encourage your kids to give?

Happy Friday!

P.S. - We were recently so fortunate as to be able to pay off our credit card debt!  Wow, what a weight off the shoulders.  Feels so great.  I don't take it for granted.  We had paid off our debt before, but slowly the balance had crept back up a bit.  We rarely used our credit cards...only in the case of emergencies, but making that payment each month, knowing that a large chunk went solely to interest, was just the ickiest feeling.  We were overjoyed to have the chance to pay it off!  With the money we were putting toward debt each month, I am inspired by my little buddy to use a portion of it toward making purchases from the World Vision catalog monthly.  We will be working to save a lot too, but I think that taking a small bit to do a great good will be well worth the investment!

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  1. Congratulations on paying off your debt! We did that last year too and it feels SO good!

    How sweet that your little guy is using his own money to give to others. What a wonderful example you guys are showing him. Gets me thinking!


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