Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Favorites: Amazing Fathers

Saw this Fatherhood Involvement PSA and immediately thought of my Dad.

He would totally have done this.
Totally cracks me it.

Here's to all the amazing Dads out there! 

You capture the hearts of your daughters by being kind, sacrificing yourselves, showing tenderness, exemplifying strength, being the spiritual leaders of your families, and loving us well.

(I adore amazing Mom's too, but this particular video inspired 
me to honor Dad's for Friday Favorites this time.)

You go with your badselves.

Happy Friday!


  1. So Adorable! I love it! I must show this to my husband!

  2. too cute ... thanks for the smile! I'm pretty sure my hubby would do this for his girls ... maybe I'll keep my camera handy :)

  3. It is such a blessing to have a wonderful Dad, and then to marry a man who develops in to one! We are doing a father/daughter dance in at our elementary school next week. Just picked the theme of "Isn't she lovely" today. Isn't that just what our heavenly father thinks of us? YOU ARE LOVELY! Thanks for all the great posts!!! Jules


Thanks so much for commenting here at Hallelujahs. It means so much to me. I read each and every one and am encouraged and inspired by you! I am shouting a big, "Hallelujah!" for your kindness!

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