Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lovely and Genuine Friends...Pictures from A Mommy Date with My Friend Julie

I am so fortunate to have some really neat-o ladies in my life.
I consider it a distinct pleasure to call them friends.
Perfectly lovely ladies with sincere and genuine hearts.
For that I am so very thankful.

Enter: my dear friend Julie.

Julie and I met at church while singing on the Worship Team.
She's the kind of person that makes you feel like you've known her forever after only a few minutes.
Immediately, I knew this was going to be fun.
We learned that we had graduated from the same college a few years apart, but never knew each other.  
We actually discovered that we knew and loved a lot of the same neat-o people,
which made it fun and crazy to be able to talk about some of the same experiences.
She also grew up around here and went to the other high school in town.  
(I don't think I could consider her a rival.)

We love to sing our little hearts out for God...usually I harmonize to her beautifully trained voice.
Speaking of singing and music, she can play a little violin like nobody's business.

Julie makes me laugh so hard that I often end up snorting in her presence.
This girl comes up with the best ideas, conversation topics, questions, and ways to have fun.
She also notices details...thank goodness!  The little details that you wonder if anyone else notices.

On a serious note, she really knows how to bust out some awesome dance moves 
for the Xbox Kinect dancing game.  Pretty jealous really.  I mean, she puts me to shame.
In fact, she is great at impersonating the dancers from Riverdance too.  Incredible likeness.

We both birthed some pretty darling little buddies that are about the same age now,
which makes it fun to have them be silly together too.

To make it even more wonderful,
our husbands are two of the most laid back dudes around...
who we met and married from the same college...
who both love baseball...
and are witty and fun and silly to boot.

I can be myself and make mistakes around her...total authenticity...there is no fear.
This gal is spontaneous and silly, thoughtful and kind, and has an inspiring heart for God.
Julie is beautiful inside and out...and I'm so thankful to call her friend.

Anyhoo, on Saturday my dear friend Julie took me to lunch 
(I love how we both pretend we are foodies and know how to get all up in our grub.)
for a little belated birthday Mommy Date.
Just the two of us.
No little buddies in tow.
No husbands accompanying us.
Even though she was a little under the weather
and had the craziest week at work leading up to spring break,
she still showed up at my door at 11:30 on the dot.
What a gal!
Good food, good conversation...good times!

By coincidence, we both busted out our polkadot umbrellas.
I knew she was cool like that.
It was quite drizzly.
But it didn't dampen our spirits.

On our way to lunch, we couldn't pass up the opportunity
to walk across the street with the neon orange flags.
Yes, THE orange flags.
They are at every corner in P-town, specifically
for pedestrians to carry as they walk in the crosswalk.
It's one of Cooper's favorite things to do...ever.
It was Mommy's turn!

They are the sole reason we did not get hit by a car
while crossing the street.  I'm convinced.

We enjoyed lunch at the Comfort Food Cafe.

Oh how I love me some Comfort.
Yummy and organic food with a hometown feel.
Doesn't get much better.

But what to order?

They have a wall of...I don't know what to call it...opportunity?
Lots of articles, posters, calls to action.
Great inspiration.

One of my favorites was this poster.

As long as I see anything to be done for God, life is worth having; 
but o how vain and unworthy it is to live for any lower end!
-David Brainerd

And not to forget, on our way to the car, we did a little dancing...

and singing in the rain!

We ended up perusing downtown a bit and venturing to one of our local Goodwill stores, 
and although we didn't come away with any amazing treasures for our home,
Julie did leave with a pair of pants for her little man...
adjustable waist, no holes in the knees, and long enough NOT to be considered highwaters!
Good find for $3.99!

We also made a stop for a little bite of chocolate and munchies for her sick hubby at home.
While at the store, I couldn't pass up some beautiful tulips that were staring me in the face.
 When I start to see daffodils and tulips in the grocery stores, 
(Yes, I totally buy flowers at the grocery store...you do too right?!  Doesn't everyone?)
I am ever so hopeful that spring is indeed going to arrive!

Go on any Mommy dates lately?
What did you do?

Have a lovely and genuine day!


  1. What a beautiful tribute to a lovely friend!

  2. I love that you two are friends!! (because I think both of you are rather cool!)

  3. Thanks Morgan!

    Caramac!!! Sweet words from Mrs. Cool herself!


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