Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Music: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars (Boyce Avenue acoustic/piano cover)

Seriously one of my favorite songs right now.

It's impossible to feel icky after listening to this song.

To make it even better, the Hubbs randomly blasts this, 
and grabs me for for a dance party.  Love it!

Have a listen.

I know you'll love it too!

Happy Wednesday!
Make it a good one friends!

Big hugs,


  1. Isn't it refreshing when a hit song is sweet?! I wrote about this recently as a theme song for my kids ... that my boy would value girls the right way and that my girls would value themselves. I love that God sings that song about us on a regular basis!

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  3. I recently saw Boyce Avenue in Seattle at the Vera Project and blogged about it here:, I managed to include a video of their cover of Wonderwall, another very sweet version of a sweet song.

  4. Boyce Avenue covers are really good, their one of my favourite this song is stuck in my head, i bookmarked your page :)



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