Monday, February 21, 2011

A Color Change...Blog Header Facelift With Buttons

Hi all!  Hope you had a lovely weekend!  I wanted to bust out a small little change I made this weekend to my blog header and buttons.

In creating Hallelujahs by Holly, I haven't wanted to ask the Mr. for too much help in setting things up.  It's kind of fun to just be adventurous and brave, attempting to figure things out on my own.  Seeing as to how I have absolutely no idea what I am doing am no professional, it has just been fun to doink around and try to come up with some things on my own.  Lately, I have been left feeling like I wanted something a little more polished and representative of me.  So a little change was in order for the blog-o-rama ding dong.

Previously, I have made headers in Picassa with photos and the text tool, and most recently played around with a free program called to create some black and white Hallelujahs by Holly images.  But because I lacked the knowledge and skill to use it to its full potential, I found my end product lacking greatly in zip, pizazz, and know, the important stuff.  My headers and buttons didn't look polished by any means...and as black and white images, they were greatly lacking color...duh!  (Now we all know...I am working on that this year...)

So anyhow, fast forward to recently.  My husband downloaded a free trial of Photoshop for a project he was working on.  With only a few days left on the trial, I thought...shoot...I better give it a whirl before time runs out.  I don't think we will be spending nearly $700 any time soon for this program, but I gotta say.  Cue angels singing, beams of heavenly light shining on the computer, and a collective and harmonious, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."  Seriously.  Oh my goodness.  I have neglected my computer creative side for far too long it seems.  I fell in love.  Immediately.  It is so easy to use (in comparison to the free and really, my mind didn't stop racing with all the possibilities with this program.  Now I know most of you are thinking, "Ummm...yeah...when did you start using a computer...nineteen ninety never (199?)?"  But really people, it's true.  I have never used Photoshop.  My only experience with it was when the Hubbs and I were dating back in college.  He would be doing his homework using Photoshop, and I would be working on my School of Education assignments...glancing over every once and a while to see what he was making.  I had no idea.  Boy have I been missing out.

Well, to get to the point... I had a little fun.  Because I am so indecisive and it takes me a while to finally settle on something, I kept things very simple.  No frills, no gimmicks.  Just a simple, classy look with a pop of color!  I'm thinking the sizing and the proportions might not be perfect...but I just trusted my eye...and visually, I felt at peace.  The exact colors probably aren't totally perfect...but they make me happy...bright, fun, and cheerful.  The polk-a-dots I used to balance the color a bit with a small dose of charcoal grey...hmmm...I am thinking they might not be the perfect choice...kind of looking a little like Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar on my buttons... slightly... he he he... I like that book ...and I am loving them, and they are making me happy too.  I wasn't finding  fonts that I loved and started to feel like it would take me hours and hours to search for free fonts...but these fonts somehow spoke to me...and they make me happy.  And really, because I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to creating something ( does that work, because the laundry mountain in a pile on our bedroom floor might suggest otherwise...and the short window of time I had to even make these...yikes)... I could literally go on and on through a list of a million things that could be tweaked and changed or added or refined, but at this point...I don't feel the need to do that.  Somehow I am learning to enjoy the process in a different way.  Perfection isn't what I long for right's the process of doing it...the learning and the creating...that I desire so much...and looking at the end result...the cute little images in front of me...just makes me happy.  Ta dah!




Yahoo!  Now as I've mentioned, these are not perfect little creations in my mind...and I still don't really know what I'm all.  And, there is nothing about these images that screams...Wow!...but I'll tell ya what.  They are a fun little change...and one that I welcome.  In realizing that we don't have a plethora of artsy fartsy/cute scrapbook worthy fonts (and since we recently got a new computer...sleek and sophisticated...not comb over like and Apple iMAC for all those that didn't quite get my reference to the commercial...tee hee hee), I took a few moments to downloaded some from Kevin and Amanda.  (Awesome site with lots of freebies.  Thanks guys!)  With this computer, we are kind of starting from scratch in many instances (lifetime PC users up until now) what we have and in what we know how to do on this bad boy.   I still would love to find more fonts and do some more printable Hallelujahs by Holly greeting cards...the list goes on and on.  But with a limited amount of time with a free trial running out, I just wanted to start somewhere.  And you know what?  I feel good about it.  Much better I think.

Truly, it has been fun while it lasted.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

Until next time Photoshop, until next time.

Blessings to you in all your creative endeavors friends.
Happy Monday,

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  1. Holly, I am so impressed!!! I love your new header and buttons, you must feel such a sense of achievment! We have photoshop on our computer and yet I only ever use the free picnik programme. You have inspired me to give it a shot - after all we have to keep abreast of our children's computer skills, they leave us behind at age 3 these days!!!! Well done x


Thanks so much for commenting here at Hallelujahs. It means so much to me. I read each and every one and am encouraged and inspired by you! I am shouting a big, "Hallelujah!" for your kindness!

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