Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shared Tutorial: Homemade Reusable Swiffer

So friends, I hope this finds you well and enjoying a lovely week.  I am still working on organizing, cleaning, and de-crapifying decluttering our home.  Nothing too picture worthy yet, just a bunch of ick, blek, ewww, and wow, I didn't know I still had this in here.  Threw out/donated some old perfume, discolored nail polish, and make up bags.  Felt pretty freeing, I gotta say!  If there is a noteworthy clean up job, I will make sure to share!  Anything you can inspire me with?  What are you cleaning?  

While I'm in the cleaning mood, wondered if you saw this homemade reusable swiffer pad?  So clever!

Check out the tutorial on how to make one of these for yourself!

And...believe it or not...

Sew Much Ado also got creative and made a homemade swiffer duster!
Are you kidding me?  I'm impressed.  You go girl!  Way to use your noggin!

I guess now it's time to get cleaning!

Photos and Projects Courtesy of Sew Much Ado

I wish you much luck on your cleaning and organizing adventures, if you are working on that that is.  Maybe you have your act together and are doing other fun things instead of attacking your dusty corners and cabinets filled with products from five years ago.  To you, I say cheers!  You go with your bad selves! 

Hope you are having a great day!

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