Monday, January 24, 2011

Personalized Quilt from Boppa and G-Mama...Best Gift Ever!

Happy Monday to you friends.  I've been wanting to share one of Cooper's Christmas gifts with you and finally have a chance.

A few Christmases ago, my parents started a most precious Christmas gift tradition for the grandkids.  Each grandchild gets a very personalized quilt (collaborated on and sewn by my parents) the Christmas they are two years old.  My two nieces had been gifted their quilts in previous years, and this year, I was giddy with anticipation knowing that Cooper, along with my nephew, would get their special quilt from Boppa and G-Mama.  Now if you're counting, that made two very detailed and meticulously sewn quilts for my parents to make this fall...mostly my Dad be completed by Christmas...yowza!  I know they sacrificed many hours of sleep and countless nights of cutting and sewing for hours straight.  Thank you Mom and Dad!!!  What a loving that will be snuggled up to and held dear always!

For starters, my parents asked us to think of 12 ideas for the squares, things that represent favorites or serve as wonderful memories for Cooper as we look back on his first two years.  I think I could have come up with a million things, but we narrowed it down to 12.  After that, my parents did all the hard work, and it turned out beautifully.

Here's a little peek.  Forgive me for taking kinda lame-o pictures.  NONE of these pictures do the quilt justice, as the lighting wasn't the best.  We just went for it anyway.  Some of the symbols were printed from images my Dad found online, but he free handed many of them as well.  I tried to capture some of the attention to detail here...just amazing!  Just to give you an idea of my Dad as a seamster (well he's not a seamstress!), he is a jack of all trades...our Superman/MacGuyver if you will.  He tells us stories of being young and having my Grandmother teach him how to use her sewing machine so he could make clothes, tents, and sleeping bags for his GI Joe dolls.  Who does that?  He is so far beyond cool that it's crazy.  Enjoy his/their handy work!

The colors further down are more true to the actual hue and color.  This lighting looks quite funky!

Cooper loves all the sports we've introduced him to so far.  He loves throwing, swinging, kicking, and dunking so football, baseball, soccer, and basketball were perfect choices to be represented on a square.  

Choo choos are definitely a favorite of Cooper's.  A must have square.

Cooper dressed as Superman for his first Halloween, and my Dad nicknamed him Super Duper Cooper.  He is pretty darn super duper, so the name has stuck.

Cooper loves playing the guitar with my Dad whenever we visit their house.  He also runs to grab his play guitar every time we turn on music and have a dance party.  When our dance parties turn into parades, he straps on his guitar and doesn't even think twice, playing a tune and belting it out!

Cooper wears Converse every day.  We love them around here.  It all started when he was a baby, and since, he has been gifted or given a new pair every time his feet have outgrown the last pair.  His first real Converse were an electric blue, and they will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Look at the  detail my Dad was able to sew on these bad boys.  I just can't believe it.

We couldn't forget about construction vehicles.  Dump trucks and bulldozers are our favorites.  Cooper has a few and is mesmerized any time we see them working on a construction site.

Rubber boots are a staple around here with all the rain, and these look identical to Cooper's favorite that he wears practically every day.  

Cooper developed a liking to lawnmowers very early on, and it was one of his first and most frequently used words since he started talking.  I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and all the said was, "A blue lawnmower (mawn-mow) please."  Since he already had a little lawnmower, I put a big bow on it and put it under the tree with all the other fun things we were giving him.  The first thing he ran to on Christmas morning, his mouth wide open with excitement, was his lawnmower.  Go figure.

Cooper has a minor obsession with tools and offering to fix everything.  He can tell you the name of each of these tools with ease, knows how they work, and is very capable of operating several power tools.  He most recently fell in love with needle nose plyers.  He seems to think they are the bee's knees for some reason.  I just like hearing him say, "Needle nose plyers."  The darn tootin' cutest for sure.

We've enjoyed Cooper's drumming skills since we introduced him to the Bee Bop Band (drum and instruments) I spoke of HERE.  We don't have a dance party or parade without a couple drums.  To continue the drumming love on a grander scale, I found a junior drum set at The Salvation Army in November (pictures HERE...they have since been arranged correctly), and my in-laws gifted them to Cooper for Christmas.  We love it.  I am the Mom who welcomes the crazy drumming.  We'll see how long that lasts!

While we don't want to be the parents that let their kid watch too much tv, Curious George quickly became our little tv buddy, and Cooper's favorite little monkey.  We also read about him just about daily.  If I'm going to have to watch a kid show every now and again, I'll gladly take George any day.

M&Ms somehow made their way into Cooper's mouth, and we could never go back.  They quickly became a favorite treat...especially as he mastered potty training.  Thank you M&Ms for the lack of diapers around here lately.  I have thoroughly enjoyed sneaking handfuls of you time and time again.

I love the fabrics of the quilt and the detailed borders my Dad was able to incorporate...blues, greens, yellows, polk-a-dots, stripes, patterned, bugs, trains, and turtles.  So fun and cheeful!  

My Dad (Boppa to Cooper) and my Mom (G-Mama) outdid themselves.  Truly a work of art.

I will be forever grateful to my parents for the ways they make our lives special...for the attention to detail that matter enough to them...for the time they take to make us all feel special...for the love they are not afraid to give us...for the example of creativity, grace, joy, fun, and generosity they set for us as parents...for the sweet way they love my son as if he was their own...the light of their life every time he is near.  I thank them.  I love them.  They are my forever friends and Cooper's forever buddies!

Blessings to you this Monday.  Fill your week with sweet memories and gifts of love.

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  1. Wow! That is amazing! Something you as well as your little one will treasure forever!

  2. WOW! This is the BEST quilt I have ever seen. Amazing! Thanks for sharing it (just popping over from Sew Chatty).

  3. That is a great quilt! I'm sure Cooper will keep it forever!

    My MIL is a quilter as well and made Evan a quilt before he was born to match his nursery. We just love it and he sleeps with it every night!

  4. Oh wow wow wow!! Just brilliant! You really do have special grandparents there, so talented! What a great keepsake for the kids!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  5. I would like to give you the Stylish Blog Award

  6. Thank you all so much! I feel so fortunate to have such loving and supportive parents. This is truly something we will cherish always. I would sure like to make a quilt someday. Would love to!

    Brenda, thank you so much! That is so sweet of you!

  7. What a great quilt...all the fun things a little boy loves!


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