Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Little Drummer Boy

Cooper was lucky enough to get a junior sized drum set for Christmas from his Nana and Papa.  I found them in November while out and about at the Salvation Army with my Mama.  I couldn't believe it!  What a find!  Since my mother in law (whom I adore) had always wanted to get us some drums (as a result of a childhood drum experience of my hubbs), we called her to see if she'd want us to snag them for her, she was excited and said of course, I wheeled and dealed a little with the Salvation Army lady (she was so cute), and we decided to scoop them up.  Bam...drums for Christmas.  Like the hubbs and I, Cooper shows a love of music...singing, dancing, playing instruments, and parading around the house with us as we all create a marching band.  I believe a love of music is contagious, and Cooper definitely caught the bug!

Just thought I'd share a few snapshots!  Don't you love his morning hair?!

Cooper is really enjoying these drums, and I too am enjoying his spontaneous drumming sessions throughout the day.  I usually run to join him with interpretive dancing, singing, and more instruments...of course.  We have a grand time. Thanks Nana and Papa!  We love you!

Blessings to you,

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  1. These pictures are awesome. Wedding slideshow worthy, one day. :) How fun he has drums now, Andrew would be jealous. Where did you guys set them up? XOXO!

  2. They are in the dining room turned toy room! Need to Finish it up. Andrew will have to give them a whirl next time you come! Andrew is quite the little musician himself! Love you guys!

  3. you are such an awesome mom! i love the image of you running to join cooper, dancing while he rocks out on the drums. love it. trevin's a music lover, too and it is so much fun!!

  4. Thanks ladies! Cooper is the best little buddy to hang out with, and his joy is contagious. I love it.

    Audrenator, I'm sure Trevin is quite the musician. The little guys always keep the best beat and have the best moves. Sending you our love and hugs!


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