Monday, January 31, 2011

Once Again...OOPSIES...Sorry RSS Feed Subscribers

Just a little FYI...

It is almost midnight...and it is time I go to bed!  I can hardly see straight!  I am trying to follow some of my goals for this year by not spending as much time on the computer...especially during the week!  So tonight I was writing a few posts that are meant to go out in the next couple weeks!  It's going well.  I got some things accomplished tonight, so tomorrow I can spend the whole day with my little man and not feel like the computer is calling my name.

Well silly me, being all tired and such, accidentally wrote the wrong date for a post to be published, and so instead of saving it as a draft, Blogger posted my post!  Ugh.  How dare they?!

Again, if you don't read Hallelujahs by rss feed, then you are foot loose and fancy free and can carry on with our regularly scheduled program.  But if you are reading this in Google Reader or other rss feed, and you see a post with all sorts of Valentine lovelies in it...OOPSIES.  You are more than welcome to read it, but just remember, it is meant for a few days from now.  Just be prepared to see it again soon!

Hey, what can I say?!  I'm not perfect.  Thank goodness!  That would be a lot to live up to!  :)

Blessings on your Monday friends!

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