Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Than A New Year's Resolution

Hello friends, and a big welcome to some of you...our newest followers and subscribers.  I'm glad you're here and am so thankful for all of you.  You may never know the encouragement you give me daily and how much I appreciate your sweet words and comments.  You are typing words, but I read them as a friendly hug, a kind smile, or a knee slapping belly buster.  You're neat...thanks again lovely readers!  Here's a little funny...

New Year's Resolutions never seem to stick for me.  I think I am like most; January comes and the ringing in of the new year feels like a fresh start, an opportunity to be better, a reason to get my act together, and so on and so forth and dooby dooby doo.  The Mr. and I make plans, we clean up, organize things, get rid of junk that's been lying around, and think of all the things we'd like to tackle this next year.  It's fun.  It's refreshing.  It's inspiring. It stirs a hope in me.  A hope to be a better me.

With that resolve, I also tend to feel like...why do I need to wait for January to get to this place.  Shouldn't I be feeling this way every month, every day, every moment of my life.  How can it be so easy to let myself slip into that oh so dangerous comfort zone, where I get a little buried under life and natural tendancies...where I stay in my cozies all day long, let house chores pile up to the point of being overwhelmed, get lost on the computer and lose hours of my days, stress out over the non important things, forget to eat, stay up way too late which leaves for exhausted mornings, get grouchy over the silly things, and the list goes on.

I recognize that behind the happy face that I often put on, I am truly seeking a renewal, a change within, and a determination to become a better version of myself.  My God is a good one, and I know He has such beautiful things in store for me, but in order to fully enjoy Him and His plan for my life, I need to work on being the me that He made me to be - check out this book, it's a great one...not the me that I'm comfortable being, and definitely not the me that let's things slide.  I'm tired of letting the sub par me live my life at times.  My husband deserves better, Cooper deserves better, my family and so many others deserve a better me, and shoot.  I want to be a better me for me...that I might shine His light more consistently and not mine.  This scripture always inspires me to quiet the me and shine more of Him.


In the same way, let your light SHINbefore others, that they 
may see your good deeds and GLORIFY your Father in heaven.
Matthew 5:16


So what to do? I wanted to share a few of  my goals for this year with you...more than a new year's resolution for me...but a resolve and desire to change my life for the better.  I'm sure many of you are perfect and don't have any of these things to work on.  Or maybe many of you have already resolved to change or improve on something in your life this year.  But I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, there is someone, or maybe a few of you that can relate in some way or another to at least one of the things I hope to work on this year.  Some goals will be a piece of cake for me to work on, and some will be more long term in nature.  I hope to work on them each and every day, one moment at a time with the desire to grow more whole as a person in Christ.  I know I'll make mistakes; I'm just so thankful for God's grace!  Here goes...
. . . . . 

Get more sleep.  
I am starting here because I feel like it is the root of many of my frustrations lately.  I have really been selling myself short by not getting enough sleep.  Exhaustion leaves me lacking in every aspect of my life...productivity, energy, patience, motivation, relationships.  All of it.  Not to mention the black circles around my eyes could give the impression that I just lost won the greatest boxing match ever.  I can do better.
. . . . . 

Make myself presentable early in the day!  
Some days surely call for pjs or comfies.  Shoot, when we wave to the garbage men on Wednesday mornings, I'm sure they think I don't even own a wardrobe.  But I am finding that when I don't get dressed and/or put on a little make up and/or give myself a little sprucing in a day, I feel the blahs more often.  I am less inspired to be productive and less motivated to take care of business.  And what husband wants to come home to a wife looking like a schlumpa-dinka?   I can do better.

. . . . . 

Eat well and hydrate.  
I tend to forget to eat.  I know, pretty ridiculous, but it's true.  I love food.  I love cooking and creating yummy dishes.  I just tend to try to get things done instead of eat.  For example, I will fix Cooper lunch, and then start doing the dishes instead of sitting down with him to eat.  Then I get busy, and before you know it, it is 3:00pm and I haven't eaten lunch.  I used to carry my water bottle around with me everywhere too. I  have become far too lazy with this.

Lack of food + Lack of water = Not a very spunky and productive house wife and mother.  I can do better.

. . . . . 

Get physical.  
Let's face it...I STINK at exercising.  It is not something that I naturally gravitate toward.  My body does crave it though.  The random aches and pains from damage done to my body from my previous arthritis experiences are a poor motivator to get up and move (ouch!) and so is my loss in flexibility, numb tinglings in limbs, and frustrating pain in doing the simplest of tasks, but when I leave out consistent stretching and low impact exercise, my body crumbles.  I am in the crumbling state now.  Need to turn it around.  I can do better.
. . . . . 

Spend more time in the scripture.  
This is just not my strong point.  God very much speaks to me in music.  I participate in the Worship Team at church, play worship music in the house all the time, sing until I can't sing no mo', and pray by myself and with my family.  But I know there is a huge lacking in daily biblical study.  I know my faith.  I know what I believe and why.  I know that God is a gracious and just God and sent his son, Jesus Christ (God in flesh) to die for me (and you and your mom and your neighbor and the homeless man on the street (Have you heard about the man with the golden voice?) and even the person who frustrates you on a daily basis for one reason or another) on the cross that I might have ever lasting life, by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  Hallelujah, and a big ol' amen!  But I stink at memorizing and spending quality quiet time in scripture.  I love doing it.  I crave it every day, and yet I just haven't made the time to be consistent.  I can do better.
. . . . . 

Set computer limits for myself.  
This one is a doozy.  I love blogging.  I'm a creative person, and there are millions of creative blogs out there.  I'm convinced it could be a full time job for me, and I would post a million times a day.  But wouldn't ya know?  I already have a full time job.  His name is Cooper.  I love him so, and I need to put my focus and energy into raising him and loving him and playing with him.  Sitting at the computer for hours on end at night, sucking my energy away from him when he needs it just isn't acceptable.  I gotta say, it doesn't help that our dinosaur of a computer pretty much died, and we ended up getting one of these bad boys.  Too fun.  I know there is a happy balance, I just need to find it.  I can do better.
. . . . . 

Quality time with The Hubbs.  
The above applies here too.  The Hubbs and I are both lovers of computer time.  We each have our own blogs for different reasons, and love when we can sit together and blog and relax.  I know, sounds so nerdy right?  We do have other interests, I promise!  But we are finding we are not prioritizing and enjoy those other interests as often as we like to...due to much of the above...including being exhausted all the time.  We are both finding that we need to find a happy balance between sleep, computer time, and quality time with each other.  We want to take advantage of the time we do have now before our family grows even bigger in the future.  I can do better.
. . . . . 

Tackle projects around the house!  
Basically, I need to finish what I started.  I want to start by emptying the garage and the craft room before I think of more projects to tackle.  Along with that, Cooper's room (I know, gasp, he's two, and it's still not finished), our master bedroom, and the kitchen are some of the bigger items on the agenda.  They are important to me and will add some much needed organization, color, and joy to our lives as a family.  I recently put in this magnetic spice rack for a change above the stove, and it was a great start.  Prioritize and follow through.  I can do better.

. . . . . 

Keep my house tidy.  
Since quitting teaching  years ago because of my arthritis, I went into a bit of a funk.  When my pain was finally managed, it was hard for me to get into the swing of being a housewife, as my arthritis hit me severely just after being married.  I kind of felt like I missed out on a sweet little pocket of time right after we were married when most women get to enjoy decorating and designing their little love nest, while falling into a routine as a couple.  I want to develop more of a consistent cleaning and laundry routine, as well as tackle all the nooks and crannies I often pass over.  I'd also like to conquer some of our closets and drawers that we use as dumping grounds storage for random items.  Consistency and routine has been a struggle for me.  I can do better.
. . . . . 

Experience more family adventures.  
We love being outdoors and planning fun outings.  Lately though, we are finding that we are often far too content many nights to cozy up in the house.  We have a good time...busting out all the instruments we have and blast the music for a marching band with Cooper, snuggle up to watch a movie, or have the greatest wrestling match ever on the couch cusions.  But we want more intentional life experience, and we want it now!  Bring on the adventure.  I, no we can do better.
. . . . .

Inject some color into our home.  
And lastly, like I stated HERE, the reign of  the Khaki Castle is over, and King Beige will no longer rule this home.  It gives me the blahs.  I do love the warm neutrals, but I need a better balance.  My hope is to create a fresher, neutral background that I can then use as a foundation for layering in more pops of color.  Can't wait.  Going to paint the kitchen cabinets white, and I'm so excited to just get started with that.  I think this goal could be simple.  I'm thinking easy.  It's just a matter of going for it.  And best of all, this doesn't have to cost much.  Goodbye Khaki Castle.  I can definitely do better.

. . . . .

Alright, try not to picture me as some pathetic lame-o person after reading all this.  I'm really not too ridiculous.  These are simply some areas in my life that  have become somewhat of a slippery slope.  2011 is a time for me to throw some sand down and gain some traction.  I'm so excited.  Just typing this all out brings me a great sense of motivation and an accountability that I might not otherwise feel.  Thanks friends.

Am I alone?  We all have something we could be better at, right?  Thanks for reading...

Blessings to you as you find the little ways to change your life for the better,

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  1. I love your resolutions. They really do resonate with me. The good thing about resolutions, even if we dont adhere to them is it is a time to take stock and readdress imbalances in our lives.
    To be the best mother and wife we can be we must learn to give to ourselves first,which means not feel guilty about needing more sleep, spending time on creative outlets etc a job easier said than done, but so important!!! Good Luck.

  2. you sound so much like me!! love this post!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words gals. It's nice not to feel like I'm alone in looking forward to a fresh start to the year. I'm so thankful that we have so many opportunities to change and improve our lives. Aren't we so fortunate?

    Big hugs to you! Thanks again!

  4. Dito. Can I just copy off of your paper? :-) These are some of the very same things that I would have on my list if I had taken the time to make one.
    You are off to a great start for 2011. Thanks for sharing on Motivated Monday at Becolorful. I hope you will be able to link up again.
    Have a great week.


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