Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free Printable: Love Art...Olive You Babes

Mr. Hallelujahs and I often mouth, "Olive juice," to each other (we got that from a movie) because it looks like we are saying, "I love you."  I'll wait.  First you are thinking, really?  A little disgusted.  ;)  Alright, now I'll ask...did you slowly mouth and sound out the words olive juice for yourselves yet?  You did, right?  Olive juice, I love you.  Get it?  Why not just say I love you?  Well, we do that all the time too.  Not a day goes by without a few of those bad boys.  This is just silly and funny, so we throw it in the mix every now and again.  :)  

Anyhoo, just found a couple pieces of free love art that are adorable...and remind me of our Olive Juice Love Fest.  They are simple, classy, and charming...with a touch of fun.  My favorite.  Just wanted to pass them along.  Thanks again to such amazingly generous folks who share their talent and creativity with all of us to enjoy.  Hallelujah for you!  Enjoy friends.

Pictures and Art Courtesy of Michael at Inspired by Charm


  1. yelp, I sat here and mouthed olive juice slowly so I would get it. Cute prints! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are very cute! Great idea for valentine's day.

  3. thanks for spreading my valentine's cheer :)


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