Monday, January 17, 2011

Cars Movie, Laundry Love, Sleepy Cuddles, Tiny Underwears, and Booyah!

We did something we don't often do these days.  We bought a movie.  Random, but the best purchase ever.  We were spending today cleaning and purging and organizing...together...and we didn't bicker or argue about any of it. Life was good.  Cooper was being his usual fun self, helping us, playing, and partaking in our random dance parties.  At some point, he started playing with a couple toy racecars our friend had given him the night before (from the Disney movie Cars) and was having the best time.  The Mr. and I looked at each other and both had the same idea.  Do you think he would love the movie?

Cars (Widescreen Edition)In agreement, B headed out to buy the movie.  With Netflix and $1 rentals these days, it was a momentary tough pill to swallow when I saw the receipt.  But as soon as we popped it in and Cooper started watching, I knew it was worth it.  He LOVED the movie.  His cars matched the cars on the screen, and he thought that was so cool.  Then he started cheering and talking to the screen, rooting on Lightning McQueen and laughing or showing appropriate concern with the plot of the movie.  It was the best snuggle time that we could all share together today.  What a treat.  Great family time for sure.

Recently, there are a few more things I am truly grateful for and don't want to forget.  Thought I should log a few Hallelujahs for safe keeping!

Last weekend, Brian did several loads of laundry, without being prodded, including all our sheets...and then made the bed.  Such a huge blessing to me as I was struggling physically a bit and my fingers were having some issues functioning well (darn those arthritis pains).  I am so thankful to have a husband that is not above housework.  What a huge help and loving way to show me that he cares.  I love ya B.  You're awesome!

Also, for the past week or so, Cooper has had some trouble going to sleep at night.  He has always been an excellent sleeper, so it was particularly shocking to us when he all of a sudden refused to stay in his bed after story time and was afraid to fall asleep on his own.  So perplexing.  At first, I was so frustrated and bummed.  But today, I am so thankful that I have been able to spend some sweet time with my sweet son...holding and rocking him, whispering I love yous and sharing he seems to be growing up all too quickly.  I always joke that I gave birth to a toddler.  He walked before he was 8 months old; he ran when other toddlers were just taking their first steps; he seems to understand far beyond his years, and he is shaping up to be quite a polite, thoughtful, and independent young man.  Sometimes I feel like that because he reached certain milestones a little early, I missed out on some of that baby/toddler snuggle/cuddle time.  That was not his preference.  He was always a mover and shaker.  With today's cries for Mommy and the need to be close to us, I say, "Hallelujah!"  I know it will all work itself out in time, and I am so grateful for these moments with my little buddy.

On another note, Cooper is finally potty trained for the second time.  For about a week now, he has been wearing his super cute teeny tiny underwears (That is what he calls them!) and doing a great job of making it to the potty.  We have a motto.  When he needs to go, he is to, "Hold it, and run!"  So fun and hilarious to be a part of this process.  Seeing as to how he was potty trained this summer at about a year and a half, and then came home from vacation and decided that he was over it...this is a welcome change of pace and fun adventure to be tackling again.  Hallelujah for underwears!

And one last Hallelujah.  We asked Cooper what his rocking horse's name was.  He said, "Booyah," and smiled.  I like it.

Blessings to you!  Hope you are finding many reasons to shout out, "Hallelujah!"

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