Sunday, December 26, 2010

Free Printable: Children's Book Plates

Did your little ones get some new books this Christmas to enjoy and cherish?  I came across 
these FREE PRINTABLE BOOK PLATES and thought it could be a great resource for 
helping your kiddos make their new books feel special and personalized!  Such a gift to give 
and receive books.  They truly are gifts that never stop giving.   Here are a few examples...

Mick Inkpen's bookplate #1     Paul Geraghty's bookplate #1     Marie Hay's bookplate #1

Rebecca Elliott's bookplate #1     Tony Ross's bookplate #2     Rebecca Elliott's bookplate #3

Nick Butterworth's bookplate #1     Ken Brown's bookplate #1     Aliki's bookplate #3

Check out the options HERE and find some that you love.


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