Friday, December 10, 2010

DIY Wreath: From Faux to Woah!

Welcome to Christmas at my home!  I wanted to share with you a little wreath transformation I did after Thanksgiving, and the good news is, I think it is something anyone could easily tackle with a faux wreath from Michael's that costs just a couple buckeroos.  Yay for a frugal Christmas!

Last year, we bought a homemade wreath from a gal in our neighborhood raising money for the families of the Lakewood police officers shot and killed in a coffee shop in Parkland, WA.  It was beautiful, and it was just a small something we could do to help and contribute.  I pray their families have found peace, healing, and joy in their hearts this year.

For the front door, I wanted the look of a rustic homemade wreath again, but thought I would try to bust it out myself.  I mean, it couldn't be that hard, could it?  I hadn't tried before.  

While at my in laws for Thanksgiving, Coop and I were having  some fun in the back yard with Auntie Karin.  She was taking a few pictures for us.

Photo Courtesy of Add to the Beauty

Anyhoo, we were having a grand time, when I noticed the cedar tree with a few droopy branches.  I asked my mother in law if I could trim a few to take home, and she gave me the green light to trim anything I wanted in their bountiful back yard of beautiful greenery.  Yahoo!  I love a freebie with possibility.  So I got to trimming...and brought home a huge black garbage sack full of my wreath supplies.  With that, I got to work.

I bought a cheap-ola wreath from Michael's and some thin wire from Freddie's.  I had a ton of cedar branches to use and more of the branches pictured at left above (I can't remember the name of the tree).  

Then I just went for it.  I took a small bunch of cedar, and shoved it though the wreath.  Then i took a small bunch of the other branches, and shoved them through.    I continued until I felt the wreath was full enough to look beautiful, but scraggly enough to look rustic...not perfect.  I turned it over so that I could see the wire form on the back.  As many of the stems were sticking out everywhere, I started tucking them in and around the wire form, sometimes winding them and securing them with the wire.

A few pinecones made their way onto the wreath (I LOVED that they were already attached to the cedar branches!) and so did a few bits of twigs.  They gave an added touch of whimsy that made me smile. It was looking surprisingly lovely and rustic.  Although feeling good, the wreath was still looking quite unfinished at this point.  (And as I look at this picture, I see a few hanging branches that could use some tucking near the bottom.  Thankfully, the faux wreath base I was using has wire branches covered in faux greenery, so all I need to do is take some of the scragglers that are excessive, and tuck them up with a faux branch.  The faux branches act as great camouflaged wreath wranglers.)

So, I added some color and a little jingle.  I wrapped our silver wreath hanger with red ribbon and added a simple bow that was not too fancy.  I also dangled some silver jingle bells (my favorite) some of the extra red ribbon I had in my Christmas bin, and this bad boy was finished.  What do you think?!

Blessings to you this season as you find ways to make your home beautiful for Christmas!

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  1. It looks great!! I'm impressed!! I had a yuck o wreath too I got it for 50 cents at a thrift store. All I did was hot glued some ornaments around it. It was much improved but not like this!! :) I think next year I may pull those ornaments off and stuff away!



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