Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DIY: Coffee Cup Cozy

Okay, so bummer friends!  I just found this post...that I thought I posted at the beginning of December!  Oof-duh!  Looks like I never pressed Publish Post.  Maybe you could still draw from this idea...as there is still a little winter left!  I thought it was the cutest.

How darling is this coffee cup cozy?  I spied it over at Craftyland and was immediately in the mood for a peppermint hot chocolate.  I know.  Hot chocolate.  Can you believe I don't like coffee?!  It's true.

Anyhow, if you can sew (or like me, aspire to do so), then I encourage you to get crafty and make yourself one of these sweet cozies.  Gazillions of fabric inspirations are awaiting you.  You could really go any route...holiday inspired, sassy and sophisticated, colorful and bright, fresh and funky, sleek and beautiful.  Just  customize the color and pattern to suit your fancy, and voila!  Not only are you saving your hands from the scorching heat of your favorite drink and displaying a bit of your personality on your favorite drink of choice, but you'll also be saving the world, one less cardboard version in the trash can at a time!

Oooooh and better yet, what a sweet little holiday gift to give your friends or co-workers along with a Starbucks gift card and delicious little munchy.   I'm sure they would just love you forever.

Blessings on your day, and happy sipping!


  1. Great idea for gift giving. Looks easy enough. Im like you in aspiring to sew. I try, but I am in need of a lot of practice.

  2. looks like a neat project! I love coffee flavored anything!

  3. I give you the crafty blogger award. :)

  4. Hey thanks gals! Just to be clear...I didn't make this one. Wish I did though! Maybe this is the year I take up sewing...or maybe I just find some fun fabric to make one of these! "Taking Up Sewing" seems a little overwhelming to me. I like to start with little projects...one little project at a time. Doesn't look that hard, right?!

  5. That's such a great idea - and you need it all year round to stop burning your fingers, that's much more environmental than the cardboard sleeves they usually give out with take-out coffee. Now, where can I find some cute coffee-themed fabric....?

  6. thanks so much for featuring this holly! i've actually come up with a bit of an easier way to make these than i shared on my original post. perhaps i will have to do an update with some easy to follow step by step directions for the new sewers out there!

    happy new year!



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