Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Butterfinger Wannabes...Recipe Coming Soon!

Hello friends!  Things around here have been VERY busy lately.  How is your December treating you?  The hustle and bustle is catching up with me a bit, and for me, that's when I know I need to pause, pull myself together, and refocus.  Christmas is a time of worship, family, sharing, giving, sweet moments together, and truly celebrating our Savior...not running around like a crazy person trying to be at every function, buying every new advertised gift known to man, and spending money on ridiculous things we will never use!  What a waste!  So, with that in mind, I'm excited to have some dear friends and loved ones over tomorrow evening for my very first Cookie Swap Party!  Yahoo!  Can't wait for some great fellowship and of course, some delicious treats!  Time to kick back and enjoy a little bit.  Hallelujah for that!

I will leave you with a little teaser for my contribution to the Cookie Swap Party tomorrow evening!  These are my Butterfinger Wannabes.  So yummy, and so simple.  I'll share the recipe and party details soon!



  1. looks delicious! and too pretty to eat! looking forward to the recipe!


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