Friday, November 26, 2010

Hallelujahs Features


Thank you so much to Courtney at Scraps and Scribbles and Kati at The Multi-Purpose Life for 
featuring our Candle Makeover!  Head to their sites for some awesome inspiration and great projects! 


I don't mean to toot my own horn too much!  :)  It has just been really exciting for me to see folks enjoying some of the things I've posted.  So from here on out, if Hallelujahs gets a feature or mention (you never know, right?), I will include it near the top of my blog, in my Features tab.  You can click the tab to find out more about Hallelujahs by Holly being featured now and in the future. 

Thanks so much for reading!  I appreciate you!


  1. You are so with it with all this blogging stuff. Way to keep up with the times. Please teach me everything you know. Sincerely, behind the times.

  2. Dear Behind the Times,

    Surely you are too kind. I wanted you to know that you are sadly mistaken, and can rejoice in knowing that you too are so with it and keeping up with the times quite well. I take many notes from you!

    Your biggest fan!


Thanks so much for commenting here at Hallelujahs. It means so much to me. I read each and every one and am encouraged and inspired by you! I am shouting a big, "Hallelujah!" for your kindness!

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