Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gift Giving Philosophy: Want, Need, Play With, Read...and Give!

I came across THIS Christmas gift giving philosophy and thought it was worth mentioning.  More and more, year after year, we are realizing how unnecessary it is to accumulate stuff when there are so many folks in need in our communities and around the world.  And really, do any of us need more "stuff?"

I was thinking.  Maybe we buy a few less gifts this year and try gifting with this philosophy in mind.


Something You Want
Something You Need 
Something to Play With
Something to Read

Wouldn't that be more than enough for a joyful and thoughtful Christmas morning?
Spending time with my family will surely be the best of my Christmas day for sure.
Maybe we could take what we would have spent on other gifts, and instead...


And, let's get serious for a minute.
How about care for orphans?

We are given so much.  Can't we then give of ourselves even more?!  I encourage you!

Just a thought!


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  1. Love your generosity. Perhaps you will like my idea?


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