Monday, November 22, 2010

First Snow of the Season...Part 2!

Having had a fun snow day yesterday, we woke up to yet another beautiful morning of snow!  What a joy!  




Woo to the hoo for snow!  Gotta love it!


The lawnmower just had to make an appearance outside today!

And then it got stuck.

Oh well Mom!

Good times in the back yard!  Let's head in for lunch!

Yes, those are our wet clothes spread out all over the floor near 
the fireplace (which doesn't look like it's on...but it is) to dry out, 
and yes, that is the nativity placed amongst garland and lights
on the mantle, and the stockings are hung with care.

Christmas has definitely arrived at our house, and we're loving it!  
Hope you get a chance to romp in the snow this season!


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  1. You are beautiful Holly. Cooper is looking like a little man these days. XO

  2. Thanks AnaLisa! Wish you guys were next door so we could romp in the snow together!

  3. I love it! Thanks for sharing your hallalujahs!

  4. What are coopers lawn mowing rates and is he looking at expanding his market to Oregon?

  5. Yes he is, as long as he will get to see his new girlfriend after work!

    Can't wait to meet Baby Houston!


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