Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Curious George Invitations and Party Hats

Before I neglect to do so, just thought I would quickly share a couple of the DIY projects that made for a fairly frugal and fun 2nd birthday party for the Coopster.  Nothing too schmancy...just some paper, some creativity, and a little scotch tape!  :)

I have made and sold cards in the past, and love looking at all the creative ways people use paper, computers, and other materials to create beautiful things.  For the invitations, I wanted to keep things simple and pretty cheap-ola.  We were really trying not to spend a whole lot this year (mostly because we didn't need to for Cooper to have an awesome time and because...well...we couldn't).

So I busted out some old card making materials (plain folding white cards) and Microsoft Word.  I don't really have any of the fancy computer programs, but me and Microsoft Word...we're like this (picture me holding my hand up and crossing my fingers really hard.).  So I found some Curious George images online, chose one to enlarge for the front of the invite, chose something clever to write on the front and inside...and done.  We used a great printer (which made all the difference in the world for color saturation) and a little glitter to make it feel like a party.  To wrap it up, I used blue and yellow envelopes which I found in my card making supplies, and other than adding stamps, these babies were free!

Not wanting to go overboard with decorations or buy tons of character driven Curious George paraphernalia at the party store that would end up in the garbage, I decided to make one major thing that would have a big visual impact...and make it fun for everyone at the party.  Yellow hats for all!

I started with Spongebob (Sorry Spongebob, but you ain't got no alibi!), covered him up with yellow construction paper I already had, and kept it on with nothing more than a self made flap and scotch tape.

The yellow brim and black band was the hard part for me.  I stopped taking pictures at this point because it got a little frustrating.  For the yellow brim, I cut yellow circles (size referenced from the circumference of the bottom of the party hat) and cut holes in the middle to slide over the party hat.  I had difficulty getting the right size of hole and taping them securely on, but dang it, I did it.  And, once I figured out the right curve and how to connect two black bands together, we were good to go.

Mini Hats

Larger Hats for Guests

Wouldn't ya know Coop was the only one not to wear one!  Of course!


Well, there ya go!  Simple, frugal, and perfectly wonderful for our little shindig!  



  1. Hi Holly,
    Awesome and creative party for your little sweetheart! I'm not sure if you would be willing to help me but I am trying to find the image that you used for the adorable invitation - the one of george leading a parade. Do you happen to remember where it is from?
    Thank you so much!

    1. In case anyone else is wondering this same question... Here is the answer! It took me forever to find this photo, however I did a google images search for "Curious George illustration heading to party" and voila! Hope this helps!


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