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Christmas Card Options...DIY and 50 Free at Shutterfly

Oh Christmas cards.  How I love thee.  There's just nothing like getting a Christmas card in the mail...nothing.  Will we send them sooner than later this year?  Better get on it! Of course, everyone has their own timing for this sort of Christmas tradition.  The first few years we were married, the Hubbs and I were all over the map in terms of sending out Christmas greetings to friends and family...both in style and timing.  I think one year, I even planned the whole Christmas letter and picture out, but it never got sent.  Go figure!  

Last year, we printed cards through Costco, like everybody 
and their Mom, but tried a little something different.

We used this picture in Picassa, changed it to black and white, 
applied the text tool, and wrote a message on the bottom.  

Costco offers a blank Christmas card option, so we uploaded this photo and chose the blank card.  In essence, the Christmas card looked exactly like borders, no pre-printed writing...just exactly like this.  Voila...our very own Christmas card that didn't cost a fortune.  (Let me say I look at this now and think...gosh, I really could have spruced things up a bit, couldn't I?  Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.)  I suppose you could do this same process, print it as simple photos, and mail them out like postcards...but they would be a bit flimsier than the Christmas card option, so I'm not sure how they'd hold up in the mail.

This year, Shutterfly is having a promotion.  50 Free Christmas Cards for Bloggers.  Bloggers?  Hey, that's me!  Sounds good, thank you very much.  Is that you?  If interested, check out the promotion HERE.  I must say, I have had only stellar experience with Shutterfly in the past, having ordered two photo books and LOVING them.  I don't see how their Christmas cards would be any different.  Let's see, I'll link to some of my faves.  Let me know what you think?

I'll start with some bright, fun, and colorful cards that stood out to me.  The brighter tones seem to give the card a fresh, whimsical look.  With many cards, and especially with brighter colored cards, my preference is to do a single photo on the Christmas card.  In doing so, I think it allows for the biggest impact visually, and keeps the card from looking too cluttered.  It reminds me of when I remember Nate Berkus (this is years ago when he was on an Oprah episode)  that he prefers one photo to a frame, as opposed to a collage frame, as it makes for a cleaner, stronger visual impact.

Anyhoo, take a looksie.  Can I mention how funny it is posting 
all these pictures of folks and kids I don't even know?! Ha!  

This beautiful green color makes me so happy.  


Love these black and whites with bright, colorful words.  Very playful.

And isn't this one darling?  Love the red glitter effect on the word JOY.

And, how about a more classic look...something a little more sleek and 
elegant feeling?  A clean, simple look, but still with that bit of whimsy.   
The important thing to remember here, from my perspective, is to 
make the photo the main focus, as opposed to the little details and
printed messages on the card.  Minimal design, one main photo, 
and just a touch of whimsy seems to look just right to my eyes.

With many of the Christmas cards above, they used a photo where the 
faces are the main focus, and any clothing worn in the picture is very simple 
and neutral, so as not to distract from the photo and card itself.  If you can't 
find a photo to use that has that same effect, I might suggest using a classic 
black and white or sepia version of your favorite photo.  This allows you 
more photo versatility...for example, photos you've taken throughout the 
year, with all sorts of random seasons, weather, and colors, do not look 
quite as busy or cluttered on the front of your card.  Just a thought.

Ahhhh, aren't they all beautiful?  I'm just so excited that the Christmas season has officially begun.  With bills and junk usually littering my mailbox, what a treat to receive an envelope with a little holiday postage stamp and the address of my favorite people!    

Still wondering the route we will take this year.  Obviously, I will not be passing up this amazing Shutterfly promotion.  So excited.  Do you like any of the cards I featured above?  Which one should I choose?  I will still need to order a few more from somewhere... will it be Shutterfly? Stay tuned to your mailbox to find out!  He he he.  

What is your favorite way to send Christmas greetings to your friends and family?  How do you spread the warmth of the season to others?  Would love to know!  Thanks for taking a peek.

Much love and many blessings to you and your family,

Stay tuned for a giveaway, my very first in fact, just in time for a little Christmas Shopping!

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  1. We ended up going with one that has a full photo and Merry Christmas written on it. I love what you came up with last year, that was so cute with the verse on it. You have great taste! All of those options are great! Think I love the joy one the best, in the upper left in white letters.


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