Monday, October 4, 2010

Wilcox Farm Harvest Festival...Did you say farm?

I love a good farm adventure.  I've expressed my love of the idea of a farm HERE, and still think I'd like to live on a farm in some way or another.  Although the more I think of it, having to wake up early and pick up a bunch of animal poo doesn't really spell out A GOOD TIME for me.  Maybe if I got to wear cute rubber boots?  Nah.  The smell would definitely overpower the cute boots.  Yep, it's the idea of a farm.  But if I really get down to the nitty gritty of it all, I really do think I would give it my best shot.  I'd do it.  I'd live on a farm.  The real crazy and ridiculous dream for me at first would be to have the resources to deck it out like the farm featured on the show Sarah's House.  But soon thereafter, I think the joy would come from just being.  Working hard, being together as a family, enjoying God's creation...just the opportunity to be in tune with nature...I really do think the joy would just come bursting out of me.  Maybe I should figure out a way to get a little "farm" love going on in my every day life.  :)

Anyhoo, with all that in mind, my mom and dad, brother and sisters, nieces and nephews, hubbs, little man and I visited Wilcox Farms' Harvest Festival this past weekend, partly in celebration of fall, and partly in celebration of my Mom's birthday!  The whole gang headed way the heck out to Roy for a fun filled day on the farm.  I have to say, it was wonderful.  We enjoyed a very relaxed atmosphere and glorious fall weather, fun things for the kids to explore, free omelets, beautiful scenery, good conversations and laughs...just a nice family time.  I wanted to share just a few snapshots of our day.  Enjoy!


We got there and Cooper was overwhelmed with all the things his eyes could take in.  He saw a pile of dirt and looked at me like, "Mom, this is going to be great!"  As you can see, he is motioning, "Let's go!"  

Saying, "Let's go," in Coop's language is him pointing and saying, "Ooooooh, right there!"


He was partly fascinated and partly terrified of this larger than life sized chicken/rooster.  
That had to have been the quickest high five you have ever seen, by golly.  At least he did it!  

Mmmmm, free omelets!  I avoided the flies that were stuck in the sour cream bin.  
Seriously.  Chalk it up to living on a farm.  Is that just totally normal and ok?  

Cooper was stoked to visit the tractors!

Ummm, can we move on please?


Love this quote: Do not go where the path may lead. 

Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Time for a little game of horseshoes!




Don't you just love an old schoolhouse?


Ringing the bell!

Good times on the hay ride with tickles from cousins.  :)

Totally looks like it says Chic House.  Chic Chicken House.  Could it be?


Take One.  Coop, look up at the camera please.  Take Two.

Good times.

Thanks J for capturing all of us at the end of the evening.  What a day!

 Oh family, I love you!  You make life fun!

Also, Happy Birthday Mom!  You are the best!  We love you!

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