Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Inspired Recipe: Mushroom Bruschetta

Inspired by the bruschetta we had at Maxwell's in Tacoma (the most delicious food I've had in quite some time...bar none!), I set out to make some mushroom bruschetta of our own. Oh and BTW (by the way), in all my days watching The Food Network, I learned that it is pronounced bru - skeh (or skih)- ta.  Thanks Giada!

Let me first just give a HUGE shout out to Maxwell's after eating our 7 year anniversary meal there.  It was absolutely unbelievably divine.  I couldn't stop saying, "Mmmm, this is so good," throughout every course of the meal.  The sauces, the layers of flavor...oh my goodness.  For days after, literally, I couldn't stop talking about the meal we shared.  I HIGHLY recommend visiting this restaurant at some point.  The menu includes a great variety of amazingly delicious food, and you won't be disappointed.

So their mushroom bruschetta...

sautéed oyster mushroom bruschetta 

oyster mushrooms on grilled sourdough with garlic, herbs, port wine butter sauce and shaved parmigiano reggiano 

Aiming only to use the ingredients I had on hand, I used crimini mushrooms, butter, olive oil, a little salt and pepper, a little rosemary from my pot outside, marsala wine (which I most often use for Chicken Marsala...recipe coming soon...), quickly made crustini, and a sprinkle of parmesan.

After all was said and done, the bruschetta was good. I did not jump for joy when I ate it or anything, but definitely edible with high hopes of making it even better next time around. I will say it was missing something...a bit of a zing.  Looking again at their ingredients, I think in making it next time, I might make a trip to the store for garlic, a variety of mushrooms, sourdough (which might help with the zing factor), and maybe even figure out a way to score some port or red wine (we are not wine drinkers at all...need to find a friend who always has some on hand!).  I think all those changes to could help the zing factor and bump up the flavor quite a few notches.

Have you made anything on the fly that was inspired by a restaurant with only ingredients you had lying around?  Or maybe, have you experimented with a new recipe lately...and it turned out fabulously?

Happy cooking,

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  1. Can I please come over and have your leftovers?!


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